Money Origami Models A to G

Models starting with letters A thru H are shown here. Go to this page for models starting with letters H to Z.


Money Origami A, B, C

$Abe’s Top Hat (J Cole)
$Angel: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Y Wyn)
$Armadillo (J Cowling)
$Arrow (one-way) (S Hecht)
$Easy Arrow (

$Baby Buggy (D Meissner) video
$Basket (KA Lundberg)
$Basket: 1, 2 (A Anselmo)
$Bat (W Park)
$Bat out of Hell (AF Barbour): pg 1, pg 2, pg 3
$Boots (
$Bow Tie (C Randall)
$Bow Tie (
$Origami Box (J Beebe)
$Gift box (C Randall)
$Hexagonal Box (Cowling/Sperber)
. . . Box pg 1, 2, 3 . . . Lid pg 1, 2, 3
$16 Bracelet (E Strand): page 1, 2, 3
$Buck/Deer (Kiki)
$Bull (A Anselmo)
$Bull: 1, 2 (P Bailey)
$Bull Dog (J Munt)
$Butterfly (M LaFosse)
(C Randall)
$Butterfly (J Gilardi)
$Butterfly (S Hecht)
$Butterfly (C Edison)
Butterfly $ Tips (Kathy)
$Ed’s Butterfly (E Halley)
$Fluttering Butterfly (JV Andrisan)
$Fluttering Butterfly (R Neale)
Money Butterfly (H Tom)
$Twist Tie Butterfly (
$Stand Up $Butterfly (A Anselmo)

$Camera (W Park)
Arched Cat (T Takahama): 1, 2
$Cat/$gato (R Diaz)
$Cat (K Kawamura)
$Cat (E Bergmark)
$Hell Cat: (AF Barbour)
. . . . pg 1, pg 2, pg 3
$Simple Cat (B Dunkan)
$Spooky Cat (jva)
$Car (J Stern)

money origami armadillo

money origami arrow

money origami basket

money origami bat

money origami gift box

money origami boots

money hexagonal box

money origami bow tie

money bracelet

money origami bull

money butterfly

dollar bill butterfly

dollar bill butterfly

 money twist tie butterfly

money origami cat

money origami cat

money origami car

Money Origami C to G

$Christmas Tree (C Randall)
$Christmas Tree (S Hecht)
$Easy Tree (
$Tree (Temko & Cornelius)
$Cross (MR Morden)
$Inscription Cross (
$Cube video (J Montroll’s?)

$Weiner Dog (T Nguyen)
$Dollar Symbol (A Anselmo)
$Donkey head (GD Gyorgy)
$Double Crane: 1, 2 (W Park)
$Fan Tailed Dragon (P Bailey)
$Flying Dragon (J Adams)
$Dragonfly (S Hecht)
$Dragonfly 2 (S Hecht)
$Dress (C Edison)
$Mini 3D Dress (C Edison)
$Origami Dress (S Locsei)
$Duck: 1, 2, 3 (Y Wyn)

$Eagle (J Shafer)
$Elephant (J Cranwell)
$Elephant (S Hecht)
Money Elephant (H Tam)
$Eleven Diamonds (K Kawamura)
$Enterprise (P Bailey)
$Eyeglasses (C Randall)
$Eyeglasses (C Esseltine)

$Fan (C Randall)
$Fish (Jodi Fukumoto)
Simple $Fish pg 11 (J Koppel)
$Anthurium Flower (A Waldon)
$Evening Primrose (A Waldon)
$Flower; (help 1, 2) (S Hecht)
$Flower In A Pot (H Lau)
$Modular Flower (C Edison)
$Modular Flower (twist tie)
3 Dollar Flower; (video) (R Lang)
$Origami Rose (?)
Money Fox (H Tam)
$Frisbee (C Edison)
$Frog (W Park)

$George Washington Slept Here
pg 15 (GM Gross)
$Giraffe: 1, 2 (JM Sakoda)
$Guitar (AA Fehl)
$Hang Glider (J Tucker) photo

money origami Christmas Tree

money origami cross

money origami cube

money origami dollar sign

money origami double crane

money origami dragon

money origami dress

money origami elephant

money origami eleven diamonds

money origami flower

money origami flower

money origami flower

money frisbee

money bed

money origami gift giraffe


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