Origami Butterfly

Origami Butterfly

Origami Butterfly

origami butterfly

origami butterfly

Everyone knows that the art of paper-folding has been around for a long time; probably over a 1000 years. But, did you know that two of the oldest examples of recreational origami are butterflies called “Mecho” and “Ocho”? Mecho (female) and Ocho (male) are two paper butterflies that adorn sake wine bottles during Japanese wedding ceremonies. Read more here. A butterfly attracts our attention because of its beautiful, showy wings. But how can you appreciate it if it flutters away? And if it landed on you, you will quickly discover that under those angelic wings – it is just a bug. In contrast, an origami butterfly:

  • beautiful,
  • is not creepy crawly,    
  • won’t fly away,
  • won’t die on you.
  • In essence, if you can fold it, it is yours forever.

    Origami Butterfly Diagrams

    origami butterfly origami butterfly origami butterfly origami butterfly origami butterfly Yoshizawa butterfly variation origami butterfly origami butterfly

    Money Origami Butterfly

    money butterfly dollar bill butterfly dollar bill butterfly dollar bill butterfly


      Books with Butterfly Origami

      • Butterfly Origami by Roman Diaz
      • Butterflies in Origami by Nick Robinson
      • Easy Butterfly Origami by Tammy Yee
      • Origami Butterflies Mini Kit: Kit with Origami Book, and Instructional DVD by LaFosse and Alexander


      Origami Butterfly Books & Kits

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