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The models in this book are suitable for children and beginner origami enthusiasts. Models at the beginning of the book... Read more
I would call it an Easy Paper Arts book because the models inside are not the traditional origami that you... Read more
a twelve-volume set containing easy-origami suitable for children. The books make a great addition to your child’s... Read more
If you're an origami box enthusiast, this book is for you. For only $10, you will get the instructions to... Read more
is designed for beginners: easy to make and looks great. Her instructions include diagrams with... Read more
is a colorful volume filled with instructions for making 48 different origami boxes. Both the plain bottom and... Read more
is a unique book that shows you how to teach math using origami. Unlike other origami books devoted to boxes,... Read more
is an extensive book with 37 $origami models ranging from quite easy to quite hard. First published in 2003, this... Read more
There are quite a few money origami books in the market and it's hard to choose which is right for... Read more
is an intermediate level origami book which uses USA dollar bills for folding instead of paper. This book is... Read more
If you have been following Won Park, you will be pleased to hear that he has a $ origami book... Read more
is an intermediate-level origami book which uses USA dollar bills as "paper" for folding origami models. Spiral bound... Read more
This is a rare find. This dollar bill origami book contains instructions for 12 origami models which are easy... Read more
This book focuses on modular origami: a class of origami where two or more simple units are combined to form... Read more
This book is filled with vibrant polyhedra, balls, and floral shapes. A pleasure to fold though some are a challenge... Read more
is 67 pages long with the first 14 pages devoted to introductions, basic folds, tips, and polyhedra facts... Read more
This book has 40 origami models divided into 6 sections. The individual units are easy to fold with mountain... Read more
If you are interested in origami polyhedra made from a single sheet of paper, this book is jam packed with... Read more
This book contains information regarding many aspects of origami. It's an ABC of the art of origami. Each topic is... Read more
It is probably impossible that a single book can be "complete". Having said that, this book is very good, fabulous... Read more
When it comes to technical origami designs, this is a must have. This 500+ page book is not like other... Read more
This is a nice little origami book which I would recommend to anyone who enjoys paper arts & dinosaurs... Read more
Most of the projects in this book involve folding paper into letters, notes, envelopes & other greetings. Simplest... Read more
is 128 pages long & gives instructions to make 33 beautiful paper flowers. The first 30 pages are for preliminaries... Read more
The book begins with instructions on how to fold the triangular units. There are many ways to fold, but the... Read more
is a small book (12 pages) featuring origami models which can be used to represent elements of the Jewish faith... Read more
is 64 pages in size and contains instructions for 24 origami models. The book is organized so that the easiest... Read more
provides excellent instructions on how to create durable and wearable origami jewelry. This books is great if you... Read more
is a kit that contains 42 origami designs organized into 2 booklets; 96 sheets of origami paper & 2... Read more
is a nice gift box filled with 40 sheets of patterned paper which can be used to make the models... Read more
is a kit that contains 20 origami dinosaur designs organized into 2 booklets. The kit has 96 sheets of paper... Read more
These classic 3-inch, canary yellow sheets of papers can be made into cute origami models. The special feature about... Read more
The booklet has instructions for 12 origami models. The diagrams with arrows and dash lines are easy to understand... Read more
Some designs are elegant in their simplicity and they can be accomplished in minutes. Some of the complex designs... Read more
This book is 130 pages long and has instructions to make 60 toilet paper projects. Templates are provided for easy... Read more
Origrafix is a series of origami books unlike other origami books. The Origrafix books are somewhat quirky, but... Read more
is an endearing story about the love between a child and her grandparents: love that extends beyond a great ocean... Read more
is a charming story about Shima an Origami Master who becomes jealous of a little bird; a bird that can... Read more
I am swept away by the storyline which includes a series of dangers and near misses. Just when things look... Read more
This story is about a little girl who receives an origami book as a gift. Along with it came... Read more
is about a boy who spends his day folding origami animals. The story is in the form of 32 poems... Read more
is a unique picture-book which uses origami to unite two people of different ages and cultures. Inner city... Read more
is a cute picture book where an origami bee teaches other insects about plant anatomy and biochemistry. Picture book... Read more
This book is about a man who owns a small family restaurant. He cooked good food and provided a friendly... Read more
This book is a great introduction to origami. It gives instructions to fold only one model: the paper crane... Read more
Dwight has always been quirky so no one was surprised when he showed up to school with an Origami Yoda... Read more
basic techniques and instructions for 30 quilling projects. The color photographs are of high quality: both in terms... Read more
is an interesting and innovative book on paper crafts and sculpture. Great job capturing complex animal postures... Read more
provides instructions to make beautiful paper sculptures with minimal effort. A child (with adult help) can make... Read more
Instructions for 72 cut-out projects. Projects are "like" classic snowflakes but they're more than just snowflakes... Read more


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  • The Origami Database contains over 2000 book titles. The books are listed alphabetically and are briefly described. Some books have accompanying photos and some have reviews. Maintaining the database is an ongoing project and some sections are incomplete. Searches may be slow to load due to the extensive size of the database.
  • Amazon.com has over 5000 books listed for sale. This online book store has editorial reviews and customer reviews. Books are ranked on a five star system. Sometimes a used copy may be available at a reduced price. A great place to browse!
  • Rikki Donachie’s itsjustabitofpaper.com reviews a few origami books.
  • not really a book review, but a very touching story about an Eurasian boy’s relationship with is Chinese mother and the magical origami which connected them together. The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu
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    Books with Easy Origami

    • Easy Origami: over 30 simple projects by John Montroll
    • Origami Fun Kit for Beginners by John Montroll
    • My First Origami Kit by Joel Stern
    • Easy Origami: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids by C Alexander & M Meinking
    • Fun With Easy Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)
    • Origami: A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Art of Paper Folding by T Cook & S Henry
    • Easy Origami For Kids Book Traditional Japanese Folding Papers Overs 20 Projects by J Wish
    • Easy Origami for Kids: Over 40 Simple Origami Projects by O Brooks


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