Origami Resource Center

The Art of Paper Folding

This origami resource center provides information about the art of paper folding. We provide links to diagrams, databases, book reviews, and ways to be a part of the paper folding community.

In Japanese, the word “ori” means “to fold” and the word “kami” means “paper”. So, “origami” means “to fold paper”. But there’s more to origami than its name. Where did it come from? Were the Japanese really the first people to fold paper? Why do we think of paper cranes when we think of origami? Who folds paper and why do we still do it? Click onto the links below to find the answers.

Free Origami Instructions

If you love folding paper into cool things, you’ve come to the right placed. This page lists free origami instructions sorted by category. You can find everything from animals, flowers, birds, vehicles, boxes, stars, jewelry and more. Click the picture to get started.

paper airplanesAirplanes
free origami instructionsAnimals
paper airplanesBirds
origami bookmarksBookmarks
Origami BoxesBoxes
Origami ButterfliesButterflies
origami carsCars
CD coversCD Covers
Origami dogDogs
Origami dragonDragons
origami dinosaursDinosaurs
easy origamiEasy Origami
origami envelopeEnvelopes
origami fishOrigami Fish
origami flowersFlowers
3D origamiGolden Venture
Origami horseHorses
origami bugs insectsInsects
origami jewelryJewelry
Origami MiceMice
jewish origamiJewish
modular origami unit Modular
Origami monkeyMonkey
money origamiMoney
music origamiMusic
napkin foldingNapkin
Paper Crafts
origami paper crane peace cranePeace Crane
Origami PigOrigami Pigs
Origami RabbitRabbits
origami reptileReptiles
origami ringsRings
origami rosesRoses
origami sea creaturesSea Creatures
Origami starsStars
origami star warsStar Wars
toilet paper origamiToilet Paper
origami toysOrigami Toys
origami weddingWedding
chinese zodiac origamiZodiac