Origami Fishes and Sea Creatures

Origami Fish and Sea Creatures

Origami fish are as popular as origami flowers and birds. You can fold sea creatures ranging from angelfish to whales. Scroll down or click below for the origami models which you are interested in. This page has mostly fish instructions but the other pages have different sea creatures such as the large animals (dolphins, whales, sharks) or small animals (shrimp, clam, shells). Enjoy!

  • Origami Fish

    Small Sea Creatures

    Large Sea Creatures


Origami Fish Diagrams

2-fold Angelfish (JC Nolan)
Angelfish (J Montroll)
Angelfish (page-a-day calendar)
Angelfish (P Budai)
Angel Fish
(JC Nolan)
Blue Angelfish (TP Kong)
Chattering Fish (CY Hung)

Fish with template (freeprintable.com)
Fish (ORC)
Fish (traditional, NF Grebenicek)
Fish (Y Momotani) video
Fish (sushiyasuda,com)
Fish (M Jackson)

Fish (F Shingu)
Fish Base/Ryba (?)
Fish Head (F Shingu)
Fish Origami (T Yee)

Flying Fish (J-H Dalmen)
Kissy Fish (Maekawa/Jaquet)
Pureland Fish (M Kirschenbaum)

Talking Fish (traditional, D Petty)
Traditional Fish (D Petty)
Traditional Fish (S Aoyagi)

origami fish origami angelfish origami fish origami fish origami fish origami fish origami fish origami fish


Tropical Fish (F Shingu)
Tropical Fish (D Andreozzi)

Goldfish (F Shingu)
Goldfish (traditional, D Petty)
Goldfish (M Brina)
Goldfish (TP Kong)
Goldfish (P Crawford)
Traditional Goldfish (D Petty)
Traditional Goldfish: here or here
Ornamental Goldfish/Ranchu (R Koh)

Guppy (OriS16)
Koi pg 4 (N Ngoc Vu)
Origami Koi (origami-instructions.com)
Yellow Longnose Butterfly Fish (J-H Dalmen)
Coelnacanth (AF Barbour): pg 1 , 2 , 3
European Seabass/Branzino (P D’Auria)
Swimming Seabass/Branzino (P D’Auria)
Singing Fish (G Aharoni)

$Fish (Jodi Fukumoto)
$Ichthus (MR Morden)
$Koi (W Park)
$ Simple Fish pg 11 (J Koppel)

origami fish origami fish origami fish origami Ichthus origami fish money fish

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