Origami Reptiles & Amphibians

Learn to fold origami reptiles & amphibians including:

Origami Frogs & Toads

Frog (D Petty)
Frog/Rana (JL Figueroa)
Frog/Rana (P D’Auria)
Frog/Rana (JP Cruz)

Frog 1 (KD Ennen)
Frog 3 (KD Ennen)
Frog/Ra-Noshi (D Derudas)
$Frog (W Park)
Frog on Lilypad (C Weber)
Frog Tongue: pg 1 , pg 2 (J Shafer)
Croaking Frog (J Shafer)
Croaking Frog (F Shingu)
Chinese Jumping Frog (D Petty)

Jumping Frog (D Petty)
Jumping Frog (D Petty)
Jumping Frog (ORC)
Jumping Frog (J Smith)

Origami Frog (H Ahn)
Toad (N Robinson)
Toad/Rospo (P D’Auria)

origami frog

origami frog

origami frog

origami frog

Lizards, Geckos, Chameleons & Salamanders

Lizard (P D’Auria)
Lizard/Lucertola (P Mauro)
Lizard (J Szinger)
Gecko (P D’Auria)
Gecko & Fly on a Wall
(H van Goubergen)
Chameleon (M Vigo)


Origami Chameleon


Cobra pg 4 (J Adams)
Cobra pg 10 (J Koppel)
Snake (L Stringer)
Snake (A Anselmo)
Snake (origami-club.com)
Snake/Ular (H Tahir)
Origami Snake (Origami-Instructions.com)
Spiral Snake (KA Lundberg)
Streaked Snake (R Foelker)
$Serpent (C Randall)


origami snake

origami snake

origami snake

Turtles & Tortoise

8.5 x 11 Turtle (P Bailey)
Baby Turtle (J Langeveld)
Box Turtle (P D’Auria)

Chinese Turtles
Durham Turtle (J Mascio)
Easy Turtle (origami-club)
Marine Turtle (World Wildlife Fund)
Origami Turtle (origamiWay)
Origami Turtle (H Ahn)
Origami Turtle (wikihow)
Origami Sea Turtle: (D Quick)
begin here,
end here
Sea Turtle (AF Petlewski)
Sea Turtle (C Weber)
Snapping Turtle (J Szinger)
Star Turtle (R Gretter)
Tavin’s Turtle (Tavin)
Traditional Turtle (A Walden)
Turtle (origami-club)
Turtle (origamiShrine)
Turtle (D Stephenson)
Turtle (T Kavai)


Tortoise (S O’Hanlon)
Tortoise/Tararuga (P Mauro)


Crocodiles & Alligators

Crocodile (origami-club.com)
Crocodile (S O’Hanlon)
Crocodile (T O’Hare)
Crocodile (E Kofman)
Crocodilo/Crocodile (N Silva)
Simple Crocodile (Dover)


    Books with Animal Origami

    • Easy Origami Animals by John Montroll
    • Origami Animal Friends by Mari Ono
    • Animal Origami for the Enthusiast by John Montroll
    • Origami Animals Kit by Michael G. LaFosse
    • Origami Zoo Kit by Joel Stern
    • Origami Zoo by Robert J. Lang and Stephen Weiss
    • Origami Animal Sculpture by John Szinger and Bob Plotkin


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