Money Origami Things

Money Origami Things

money origami arrow money origami box dollar bill origami box money origami cross money origami cube money diamond money origami frisbee money origami house money origami music money origami pyramid money origami rosette origami star wars money origami umbrella money origami wreath

$ Money Origami Things & Objects

$Arrow (one-way) (S Hecht)
$Easy Arrow (
$Baby Buggy (D Meissner) video
$Basket (KA Lundberg)
$Basket (A Anselmo) page 1 , 2

$Bird of Prey (P Bailey)
$Origami Box (J Beebe)
$Gift box (C Randall)
$Hexagonal Box (Cowling/Sperber)
. . . Box: 1, 2, 3 . . . Lid: 1, 2, 3

$Camera (W Park)
$Car (J Stern)
$Cross (MR Morden)
$ Inscription Cross (

$Cube video (J Montroll’s?)
$Dollar Symbol (A Anselmo)
$Three Diamonds (M Thomas)
$Eleven Diamonds (K Kawamura)

$Enterprise (P Bailey)
$Fan (C Randall)
$Frisbee (C Edison)
$Guitar (AA Fehl)
$Heart Bookmark (ORC)

$Hexagon (C Edison)
$House (S Chen)
$ Inflation (M Kirschenbaum)
$Kayak (T May)

$Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser (P Bailey)

$Martini Glass (S Hecht)
Maximum square from bill (S Chen)
Mexican Money Fold (T Conally) or
. . . Impossible Dollar Fold (implaxis)

Square from 2 bills (S Chen)
$Mortarboard: (J Tucker): pg 1 , 2 , photo
$Musical Notes (AA Fehl)
$Package Puzzle (T Conally)

$Picture Frame (C Randall)
$Pyramid (J Shafer)
$2.50 Pyramid (ORC)
$Rosette (Jackson/Kruskal)

$Sailboat (C Randall)
$Sleigh: page 1 , 2, 3 (Y Wyn)
$Starship pg 6 (J Adams)
$Tie Fighter (?)

$Tank (C Esseltine)
$Tetrahedron (S Hecht)
$Trigonal Bipyramid (marigami)
$Umbrella (D Chan)

$Windmill (S Chen)
$Wreath (D Walker)

money origami money origami gift box money origami money cross dollar bill origami money origami money heart money origami money origami money starship money origami money origami


  • Dollar Bill Origami Diagrams

    Intro to $

    A to G

    H to Z



    Heart, Star







    Books with Dollar Bill Origami

    • The Buck Book by Anne A Johnson (book review)
    • The Guide to Hawaiian Style Money Folds by Jodi Fukumoto (book review)
    • The Guide to American Money Folds by Jodi Fukumoto (book review)
    • Dollar Bill Origami by John Montroll (book review)
    • Dollar Bill Animals in Origami by John Montroll
    • Origami with Dollar Bills: Another Way to Impress People with Your Money! by Duy Nguyen
    • Money Folding (Origami Favorites Series) by Florence Temko


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