Money Origami Videos

This page is dedicated to money origami videos. There are many videos available on the internet and origami is commonly featured in advertisements too. Some of the videos below are fun to watch while others are instructional and very useful. Generally speaking, the best way to learn origami is to have someone sit beside you and show you how it is done. Failing that, traditional origami diagrams with arrows and lines seem to work well. Videos have mixed reviews: some people like them because they are so visual. Other people don’t like the pause-and-play aspect, as well, some videos are poorly made. Videos and printed diagrams work well together as a team because you can use the videos to help you through the challenging parts. Some steps are difficult to show on a flat piece of paper but the process is easily demonstrated through video.

Clothing Videos

$Shirt (6 min)
$Hawaiian Shirt (7½ min)
$Shirt and $Pants (9 min)
$Shirt with Tie (2 min)
$Shirt with Tie (11 min)
wide $Bow Tie (3 min)
narrow $Bow Tie (3 min)
$Boot (4 min)
$Boot (9½ min)

Animal Videos

$Armadillo (9½ min) : takes long time to load
$Balancing Eagle (19 min)
$Butterfly with twist tie (4 min)
$Origami Butterfly (4 min)
$Camel (8 min)
$Caterpillar Fireworks (18 min)
$Cobra Pop-Up Card (15 min)
$Dog (8 min)
$Duck (3 min)
$Elephant (10 min)
$Coconut Frond Fish (7 min)
$Flapping Bird (8 min)
$Frog (7 min)
$Giraffe (10 min)
$Peacock (10 min)
$Rhino (9 min)
$Spider (28 min)
$Starfish (10 min)

Flowers, Stars, & Hearts

$3 Flower (7 min)
$Puffy Star (2 min)
$2 Four-Pointed Star (5 min)
$5 Star (3½ min)
$Easy Heart (2 min)
$Heart (2 min)
$Origami Heart strip (2 min)
$Change of Heart (3 min)
$Twin Hearts (6 min)
$Double Crane Heart (7½ min)

More Money Origami Videos

$2 Boat (43 sec)
$Box (10 min)
$1 Box (12 min)
$2 Box: Fuse style: (11 min)
$F-18 Hornet:
. . . 1 (4 min),
. . . 2 (4 min),
. . . 3 (8 min)
. . . or here (28 min)
$Fan (2 min)
$Finger Puppet (10 min)
$Fireworks (Yamauchi/Fujioka):
. . .     using $1 (18 min)
. . .     using $3 (9 min)
. . .     Assembly (8 min)
$iPhone, iPod Stand (4½ min)
$HDTV (5 min)
$Lollipop (7 min)
Magic with $origami (1 min)
$Pyramid (16 min)
$2.50 Pyramid (2½ min)
$Spaceship (3 min)
$Spinning Top (25 min)
Twin Tower collapse (2½ min)
$Tessellation (1 min)
instructions here (5 min)
$3 Umulius Rectangulum (47 min)
$ X-Wallet (2 min)

Money Origami Videos used in Commercials

A Lexus commercial highlighted the thousands of letters they receives regarding their excellent services. The letters are folded into origami polyhedral shapes and hung from the ceiling. Depending on the angle, the origami polyhedra create the shape of a sedan or the company logo (making of).

dollar bill origami commercial
Voya Financial makes a series of adorable videos featuring an origami squirrel and a rabbit. These two characters are seen scurring about the set. The two 30 seconds commercials require 65 people, some working 12 to 16 hour days.
dollar bill origami commercial
Hurrican Sandy by two videos showing various dollar bill origami models some which appear to be composite work. Includes a hand, a lion, a coffee mug, a bed, hammer & nail, house, airplane, shopping bag, stethoscope, & baby bottle. See videos here and here (30 sec each).
dollar bill origami commercial
Bank Coop Evolution by ruflanz: watch origami-style evolution from tadpole -> frog -> lizard -> gorilla -> man. All done with Swiss money and a little help of a computer. (45 sec)
dollar bill origami commercial
Webster Five by lemacedo2010: various dollar bill origami featured in this Webster Five commercial. Models shown include: cowboy on horse, light bulb, buildings, hands/arm, umbrella, and a smile. Origami by Joseph Wu. (32 sec)
money origami commercials
Touchmark National Bank by SteveHaviland: nicely folded $ origami used in yet another bank commercial featuring cube, diamond, bull, shirt with tie, butterfly, boat, and $ sign. (32 sec)
money origami commercials
A380 Aircraft: Flash animation using custom bank notes to fold money airplanes. Though artificial and obviously not real, still very nice to see.
money origami commercials



    Dollar Bill Origami Diagrams

    Intro to $

    A to G

    H to Z



    Heart, Star