Origami Animals

This page is dedicated to instructions for origami animals. There are many kinds of animals and there are many ways to categorize them. Please be patient because some of the links takes you to another page of links. Diagrams listed here are “easy” or “intermediate”. Instructions for “complex” origami animals and crease patterns are not included because they are beyond the range of this audience. Some models like origami tigers are inherently difficult, there’s no way around that. Click onto the A-B-C tabs to find your animal of choice. Enjoy the instructions and be sure to send us a photo of your newest origami creation.

origami animals

Animals Beginning with Letter A

Origami Animals  Bull Origami Animals  Bull

Badger (S O'Hanlon)
Badger (R Glynn)
Bear (?)
Bear (J Montroll?)
Bear (origami-paper.ru)

Bear (KD Ennen)
Bear (Encyclop of Origami)
Dreaming Bear (G Dinh)
Pureland Bear (S O'Hanlon)

Teddy Bear (R Glynn)
Fluffy Teddy Bear (M Kirschenbaum)
Bear Face (origami-club.com)
Boar, Pig, Hog
Buffalo, Bison, Bull

origami animals bats Origami Animals Sparrow Bird origami animals bears
origami animals cats origami animals hen chicken

Animals Beginning with Letter C



Origami Animals snake cobra Origami Animals Bird crane
Origami Animals dolphin Origami Animals dragon

Animals Beginning with Letter D



origami animals dinosaur origami animals dog
origami animals elephant Origami Animals elephant origami animals elephant Origami Animals elephant

African Elephant M Kirschenbaum)
Africano Elefante (MA Echevarria)
Baby Elephant (R F Castelejo)
Elephant (S O'Hanlon)
Elephant (CY Hung)

Elephant (E Kofman)
Elephant (M Bright)
Elephant (R Neale)
Elephant (D Chang)
Elephant (origami-club.com)
Elephant (traditional)
Elephant (origami-paper.ru)

Elephant pg 24 (J Maekawa)
Elephant: 1 , page 2 (T Gotani)
with modification
Elefante (JL Figueroa)
Elefante (M de Unamuno)
Elefantito (Madueño/Lareo)
Njogu (R Donachie)
Volney's Elephant (P Bailey)

Origami Animals fox Origami Animals frog

Animals Beginning with Letter F


origami animals fish
origami animals ram goat

Animals Beginning with Letter G



Origami Animals bird goose Origami Animals gorilla monkey
origami animals hare rabbit Origami Animals horse origami animals hedgehog Origami Animals bird hummingbird

Animals Beginning with Letter H

Hamster (origami-club.com)
Hamster (?)
Hamster (G Sturm)
Hamster (SA Spinolo)
Very Easy Hamster (D Boursin)
Russian Dwarf Hamster (E Kofman)

Hare, Bunny, Rabbit
Hedgehog: unit , assembly (origami-club.com)
Hedgeghog (origami-paper.ru)
Hedgehog (T O'Hara)
Hedgehog (E Joisel)
Hedgehog (G Dinh)

Hippo (G Dinh)

Hyena (O Hanlon)
Hyena (P D'Auria)

origami animals birds ibis origami animals caterpillar insect bug

Animals Beginning with Letter I, J & K




Origami Animals jellyfish sea animals Origami Animals koala austrailia
origami animals lion Origami Animals lobster shrimp prawn sea life

Animals Beginning with Letter L
Snow Leopard (J Wu)

Leon (MA Echevarria)
Lion 1 (chine-culture.com)
Lion 2 (chine-culture.com)
Lion (J Montroll)
Lion (origami-club.com)
Lion (T Gotani)

Origami Llama (?)
Llama (J Adams)
Llama (ARDR Mundo)
Lobsters, Crabs, Shrimps

Origami Animals Bull origami animals bears Origami Animals Sparrow Bird

Animals Beginning with Letter M, N & O


origami animals bats Origami Animals Bull Origami Animals Bull
origami animals pelican birds Origami Animals pig hog farm origami animals penguin birds

Animals Beginning with Letter P & Q

Panda Bear:

Polar Bear:


Origami Animals ram goat origami animals rat mouse

Animals Beginning with Letter M, N & R
Rabbit, Bunny, Hare
Raccoon/Mapache (E Corrie)
Raccoon (J Montroll)

Rhino (D Andreozzi)
Rhino (NG Cuong)
Black Rhinoceros (R Koh)
Rhinoceros (S O'Hanlon)
Rhinocerous (J Adams)

origami animals rabbit hare
Origami Animals snake reptile origami animals shark fish origami animals snail escargot garden bugs origami swan

Animals Beginning with Letter S

4-Fold Scorpion (Casalonga)
Scorpion (origami-club.com)
Scorpion (D Abbey)
Scorpion (M Jackson)
Scorpion (M Vigo)
Scorpion/Escorpion (DF Becerra)
Scorpion/Skorpion (KD Ennen)
Scorpion/Skorpion (J Zsebe)

Sea Urchin
Seal, Sea Lion
Skunk (N Robinson)
Skunk pg 47 (J Montroll)

    Edible Snail (J Zsebe)
    Snail (page-a-day calendar)
    Snail (D Petty)
    Snail (origami-club.com)
    Snail/Caracol (?)
    Snail/Caracol (R Foelker)

Snail/Caracol (SA Spinolo)
Origami Snail (wikihow.com)
Origami Snail (?)
$Snail (M Jackson)
$Snail (J Cowling)

Squid, Octopus, Jelly Fish
Squirrel (S O'Hanlon)
Squirrel (P Bailey)
Squirrel (F Grebenicek)
Squirrel pg 18 (J Maekawa)
Squirrel/Eichhornchen (P Forcher)
Squirrel/L'ecureuil (C Boudias)

Origami Animals swan water fowl origami animals seahorse sea life Origami Animals bugs spider
origami turtle tortoise origami animals turtle tortoise Origami Animals whale sea mammal

Animals Beginning with Letter T to Z



    Books about Origami Animals


    • Easy Origami Animals by John Montroll
    • Origami Animal Friends by Mari Ono
    • Animal Origami for the Enthusiast by John Montroll
    • Origami Animals Kit by Michael G. LaFosse
    • Origami Zoo Kit by Joel Stern
    • Origami Zoo by Robert J. Lang and Stephen Weiss
    • Origami Animal Sculpture by John Szinger and Bob Plotkin


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