Origami Craft Store

The Origami Craft Store is selling paper strips suitable for making Lucky Stars and Moravian (German, Frobel) stars. Do not confuse the two. Paper suitable for making Lucky Stars are not long enough for making Moravian Stars.

All paper strips and Folded Book Art are now sold at Etsy.com and Amazon.com


Lucky Star Paper
Buy pre-cut strips of paper suitable for making Lucky Stars. Choose from: ‘regular” paper or foil-paper strips. Can be in multi-color packs or single-color packs. Learn more….


Moravian Star Paper
Buy pre-cut strips of paper suitable for making Moravian Stars. Strips are 18 to 24″ long and come in 5 widths (3/8″, 1/2″ , 5/8″ , or 3/4″ or 1″ wide_. Comes in variety pack of colors, or in single-color packs. Choice of regular, “pearlescent”, or “metallic”. Learn more….


Already-Made Moravian Stars
Buy already made Moravian Stars. Moravian Stars come in a variety of colors: sold as single color batches or as a multi color batch. Prices typically go for $1.50 for small stars and $3 for large stars. Learn more….


Translucent Wax Paper
Buy translucent wax paper suitable for making sun catchers (also called window stars or Waldorf Stars). Wax paper are sold in batches of 100 sheets in 11 different colors. Three sizes available (6″. 8.75″, and 20″) and smaller precut sizes Learn more….
Danish Woven Hearts
These checkerboard patterned hearts are a classic craft from Scandinavia. Learn how to weave two panels to for a heart basket. Papers perfectly designed and already cut so you can start weaving right away! Learn more….
Origami Orbs
Create elegant origami orbs or balls with a DIY kit. Cardstock strips are custom cut and prepared so the orbs can be made with no other tools. Just color, connect and complete! Learn more….
Folded-Book Art
Order personalized Folded-Book Sculptures. Artwork may contain letters, numbers, symbols or logos. Individually made at time of order and crafted with precision. Learn more….