Paper Airplane Instructions

paper airplane

Paper Airplane Instructions

paper airplane

Paper airplanes are a classic example of origami in action. They are easy to fold, fun to fly and people can’t resist launching them. Did you know that you can make a different paper airplane everyday? Check out these page-a-day paper airplane calendars.


Paper Airplane Diagrams

Airplane Glider (M Sanders)
ArrowPlane (M Gutfeldt)
Arrow Plane (CG Garcia)
Avion/Airplane (traditional)
Avion Popular (traditional)
Avion 3 (?)
Avion 4 (?)

Barakuda (NF Grebenicek)
Bat Plane (M Goris)
Best Paper Airplane (O’Reilly)
Biplane (M Kirschenbaum)
Blade Runner (Kyle)
Butterfly Plane (M Gutfeldt)

Canard (N Robinson)
Canard variation (S Dunlop)
Combat Airplane/Avion de Combate (J Caboblanco)
Comet (R Donachie)
Concorde (JP Rubio)
Concorde (G Louis)
Cluster Plane (C Esseltine)

Dart (D Petty)
Dart (J Andrisan)
Dart needle (N Robinson)

Egret (N Schmidt)
Eurofighter 2000 (JM Chaquet)
F-102 (M LaFosse)
Finny Freestyle Flier (C Esseltine)

Greatest (A Wise)
Glider (P Crawford)

paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane

Glider/Planeador (J Gonzalez)
Glider/ Planeador (LB Arrechea)
Elementary Glider/Planeador Elemental
Forgiving Glider (Y Yamaguchi)

Hawkeye (N Robinson)
Jet Plane (M Bright)
Joaquin Plane (CG Garcia)
Klingon Bird of Prey: here or here (A Mobashery)
L’Avion (C Boudais)
Little Nicky (N Robinson)
Lock Dart (M LaFosse)
Locked (N Robinson)

Martin (R Donachie)
Matt3000 (M Gutfeldt)
Maze Plane (M Gutfeldt)

Paper Airplane (P Doherty)
Paper Airplane (Exploratorium)
Paperang (E Hui)

Sabertooth Airplane: here or here (?)
Simple Paper Airplane (K Blackburn)
Simpletons (M Gutfeldt)
Small Plane (JA Moreno)
Stunt Plane (Origami Calendar)
Triplane (N Robinson)
Tumbling Wing Glider:1; 2 (B Arnstein)
Two in One Airplane/Dos en Uno (MC Martinez)
Vliegtuig (G van Wierst)

paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane paper airplane


    Books about Paper Airplanes

    • Michael LaFosse’s Origami Airplanes: 28 Easy-to-Fold Paper Airplanes by LaFosse and Alexander
    • Ultimate Paper Airplanes for Kids: The Best Guide to Paper Airplanes! by Dewar and Vints
    • Wings and Things: Origami That Flies by Stephen Weiss
    • Origami Aircraft by Jayson Merrill
    • The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book by John M. Collins

    See Books about Paper Airplanes

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