Origami Bats


Origami Bats

Here are some origami bats. Don’t worry, they won’t suck your blood.

Halloween Origami Bats


origami bats origami bats origami bats origami bats halloween origami halloween origami halloween origami


Cool Bat Facts

Did you know that bats are the only mammals that can truly fly? Other mammals (like the flying squirrel) can glide but not truly fly. Here are other cool facts about bats:

  • There 1000+ different species of bats.
  • Bats are nocturnal (active at night). They “see” through a process called echolocation. This means they project sounds and then wait for the sound to bounce back. That information allows them to get a picture of their surroundings.
  • Bats eat insects, fruits, fish, or blood (yes, you heard me, blood). There are 3 species of vampire bats which feed solely on blood.
  • Vampire bats have small, sharp teeth which can bite through an animal’s skin. Most of the time, the animal doesn’t even notice.
  • Some vampire bats carry rabies so an animal bitten by a bat could get rabies.
  • Some bats live by themselves while others live in big colonies with thousands of other bats.
  • Bats can live for 20+ years.
  • Halloween-Themed Origami Diagrams






    Witch, Ghost

    Grisly Things


    Books with Halloween Origami

    • Horrorgami by Biddle & Biddle Canova
    • Scary Origami by Smolinski & McLaughlin
    • More Halloween Origami by Ruth Owen
    • Halloween Origami by Nick Robinson
    • Origami for Halloween by Robyn Hardyman


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