Snowman and Snowflake Origami Diagrams

Snowman and Snowflake Origami Diagrams

There are very few diagrams for origami snowman and snowflake. This is probably because snowmen and snowflakes can be made quite easily with kirigami (the art of folding and cutting paper). Indeed, you will find that folding a piece of paper into a snowflake is quite complicated whereas cutting a piece of paper into a snowflake is easy enough even for young children.

origami Snowflake origami Snowflake origami Snowflake

  Origami Snowflakes

Snowflake (D Walker)  photo   video
Snowflake (J Wu)
Snowflake (J Appel)  photo
Snowflake (J Needle)  photo  video
Snowflake Module (F Ow)  var A , var B
• Modular Snowflake with 3 units (P Madueño)
variation 1 , variation 2 , photo , video

  Origami Snowmen

Snowman (R Diaz)
Snowman with Santa Hat (J Wu)
Snowman and hat or lady’s hat (AF Barbour)
• Christmas Card: Snowman & Tree (Halle)
• Gingerbread Cookie: (AF Barbour)
pg 1,   pg 2,   pg 3,   pg 4

origami Snowflake origami Snowflake origami Snowflake origami Snowflake
kirigami Snowflake kirigami Snowflake

  Kirigami Snowflakes

• how to make a kirigami snowflake
• book review for Snowflakes for All Seasons
• buy snowflake craft books here.
• read intro to kirigami here
• more kid-friendly kirigami projects

from: Snowflakes for All Seasons kirigami Snowflake


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    Paper Snowflake Books and Patterns

    • Easy-to-Make Decorative Paper Snowflakes by BL Reed
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    Snowflake Books & Patterns

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