Make your own CD Covers

Make your own CD Covers

CD covers are a necessity for those who buy blank CDs in bulk. Instead of spending more money on CD sleeves and jewel cases, why not make your own CD covers? The sleeves can be folded from letter-size paper or from A4-paper. Some of the designs are easy to fold and make very functional CD covers. Others take a bit of time to make but are beautiful and certainly one-of-a-kind.

Fold them for yourself, fold them for a friend, or fold them for work. Either way, it’s a good thing. You can use recycled paper, regular office paper, or decorative paper. These DIY CD sleeves are great when you want to share CDs of special events such as weddings, family vacation, birthdays, dance and music recitals, and more.

CD Covers: Simple Designs
American CD Case (T Hull)
CD Case for 2 DC’s (N Silva)
CD cover 2 (N Robinson)
CD Cover Instructions (J Watson)
CD Envelope from A4 (H Kumayama)
CD Envelope from B4 (H Kumayama)
porta CD (H Kumayama)
Connelly CD Case (C Case)
….. with locking mechanism here
….. with glue here

Fancy Designs
CD Case (golics), diagram
Best CD Case (golics), diagram
CD Case Flower Design (golic) , template (JT Sott) , diagram
Spiral Data Tato (oschene) , crease pattern

Other Designs
A4 CD Case (A Kastlunger)
Double CD Case (J Oksanen)
….. video here
Pentagonal CD Cover (zacharyr)
…..diagrams here
Practical CD cover (Robinson)
X’mas CD Cover (

With Printed Title & Tracks
Paper CD Case
CD Inserts & Envelopes

CD cover CD cover CD cover CD cover CD cover CD cover CD cover

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