Origami Jewelry

If you have come to this page of the web site, then you must want to make origami jewelry! The good news is that you can easily transform your origami into wearable jewelry with minimal skill. However, you do need quite a few supplies (see list below).

Quick-and-easy jewelry can be made in an hour, but items that is intended for extended wear or for selling will take at least half a day to complete. Most of the time is spent waiting for glue or coatings to dry before proceeding. (see tips and techniques below).


Tips and Hints on Making Origami Jewelry

origami jewelry
Never made jewelry before? These tips will help you get the best results possible.
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Tools, Supplies, and Terminology

origami jewelryDon’t know the difference between a head pin and a eye pin? When do you use a crimp bead as opposed to a spacer bead?
Learn all about Tools, supplies and terminology here