Origami Elephant

origami elephant
This is a relatively easy origami elephant. It only needs about 10 folds. The proportions are important for the elephant to look like an elephant. Take note of the textual information and landmarks.


Origami Elephant Instructions

origami elephant

  1. Take a square sheet of paper and place it so it is in ‘diamond’ orientation.
    Fold in half (top to bottom). Unfold.
  2. Make a kite fold: Fold the top-left edge of the paper to meet the center crease line made in step 1.
    Repeat with the bottom-left edge of the paper.
  3. Fold the left-point (marked with red dot) to meet with the other red dot.
    origami elephant

  5. Fold the right tip to the same place.
  6. Fold the model in half (top to bottom).
  7. Make a pinch fold: Fold the left-tip to meet with the right tip (join the green dots).
    You don’t need to fold all the way down, just make a pinch to identify the halfway point.
    Rotate the paper a little so the base (the elephant’s feet) is pointing down.

    origami elephant

  9. Make an outside reverse fold: Fold the left side of the paper towards the right. Use the pinch fold made in step 6 as a landmark.
  10. Adjust the height of the fold so the top edge (green arrow) is parallel to the bottom edge.
    Make another outside reverse fold. Use the crease line made in step 3 as a guide.
  11. Note that the paper’s edge (blue arrow) should be perpendicular to the base.
    Make another outside reverse fold, this time fold the paper so it points up.
  12. Finally, make one more outside reverse fold to create the tip of the elephant’s trunk.



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