Largest Paper Crane

largest paper crane

Seattle, WA, November 1999

Largest paper crane

Photo from here

Largest Paper Crane

Odate, Akita, Japan, August 1998
Photo from here

There have been many claims of “largest paper crane” made. Perhaps the most famous one in United State is the one made on November 1999 by “Wings for Peace”. It was over 215 feet wide, and approximately 1750 pounds. Seattle, WA, USA. Photo from World Peace Peace Project for Children.

However, 10 years later, the Guinness World Records reports the largest paper crane was made on August 2009 by the “Peace Piece Project”. This one had a wingspan of over 268 feet wide. This was presented at the Hiroshima Shudo University, Hiroshima Japan. See video below.

Largest origami cranes can be summarized here:

  • August 2009 : wingspan of 81.94 m (268 ft 10 in), Hiroshima, Japan. See video
  • January 2001 : wingspan of 78.19 m (256 ft 6 in), Odate, Maebashi, Japan. See here
  • November 1999 : wingspan 65.73 m (215 ft 8 in), 36.5 m [120 ft], Seattle, WA, USA See here
  • August 1998 : wingspan of 63 m (69 yards), Odate, Akita See here

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