Origami Kitchen Stuff

Origami Kitchen Stuff

This origami kitchen page describes things found in the kitchen that have an origami theme; mostly kitchen gadgets.

For your next dinner party invite, impress your friends by bringing a bottle of wine in an origami inspired wine Read more
Paper Tea Set consists of 2 teapots, tea cup, saucer, creamer, and a sugar bowl. Made from 1 sheet of Read more
This clever design encourages people to drink tea together. Designed by "Mint" Read more
The mountain & valley folds of this tray offers space for different types of snacks... Read more
A "tea bag" can be made from a square or circular sheet of paper. Holds tea leave... Read more
Place your chopsticks or knife on these cute porcelain stands to keep your utensils off the table and clean. Read more
Designed to invoke "the artistry and hand-crafted nature of Japan’s ancient art of origami" Read more
The tpod teabag is attached to an origami sailboat that floats on top of the hot water. Poetic! Read more
Origami crane soy sauce dispenser is dishwasher safe and can hold about 3-ounce of soy sauce... Read more
Origami-inspired brown paper bags - these paper bags are functional and classy. Read more
McDonalds McChicken sandwich wrapper has an image of an origami chicken. Instructions available here... Read more
Start by folding an origami box with parchment paper and baking the sea bass inside the folded box Read more
Talk about serenity, lovely tea bags in the shape of origami birds. Designed by Nathalia Ponomareva of Russia Read more
Parchment paper is used to create an animated stop-motion video featuring a paper fish. Read more
The Get-It Finger Guard is waterproof, heat resistant, and comes in 3 bright colors... Read more
The label on this beer bottle can be folded into an origami water lily. So elegant and class... Read more
Orikaso comes from "ori" (to fold) and "kaso" (plastic). Flat sheets of polypropylene folded into cup, plate, bowl... Read more
Humble beer cans are made possible by Yoshimaru Yoshimura (mechanical engineer) and Kōryō Miura (astrophysicist) Read more
The versatile design produces a variety of sized and shaped containers from a single sheet of paper... Read more


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