Origami Street Art

Origami Street Art, Over-Sized Origami

This Origami Street Art page is dedicated to huge, large, big, numerous, and over-the-top origami! These include large models and models made with a large number of pieces.

Large origami designated for outdoor display is often made of metal so that they can withstand the brutal elements of nature such as wind, sun, and rain. Some modular origami pieces are housed in a museum, a library, or a similar indoor public space. Sadly, some models cannot find a permanent home and are dismantled after their viewing period.

Outside the United Nations headquarters in New York, Swiss-French artist Guillaume Legros created an ephemeral-fresco Read more
New Yorkers were gifted with oversized metal sculptures which "look" like origami. Read more
Two life-sized origami elephants made by two amazing origami artists. Read more
is a 8-feet tall art installation with 5000 paper windmills. The windmills are attached to pipes which have wind... Read more
is a 3000-pound stainless steel structure featuring an origami-paper-crane adjacent to a realistic-looking-crane... Read more
Giant origami pegasus by Kevin Box and Robert Lang in Dallas, Texas Read more
was made with 49,000 business cards and it represents a 3D fractal. This was a 7-month long, campus-wide project... Read more
French artist Mademoiselle Maurice folds hundreds of origami pieces and assembles them onto public spaces. Read more
David Shall's origami rabbit recreated in steel and displayed near a highway exit in County Meath, Ireland Read more
Art installation, "Lifeboat", featured 1697 waxed-paper origami boats trailing down a hillside. Read more
Large-scale public art inspired by origami: 4.5-meter tall hedgehog and 10-story high kangaroo... Read more
A huge crane was constructed in the desert for the annual, 3-day Coachella Music and Art Festivalm 2010 Read more
100,000 business cards folded and assembled into a 10x12x8 foot replica of Union Station... Read more
Etienne Cliquet created a giant crease pattern of a self-closing origami box painted onto a lawn in Paris... Read more
Stained-glass windows including classic origami models celebrate the magic and diversity in NY... Read more
Origami-inspired bronze-cast ponies presented in parks and gardens in California and Colorado... Read more
Largest paper crane in USA: over 215 feet wide, and approximately 1750 pounds. Seattle, WA, November 1999... Read more

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