Noshi 4: example of noshi-zutsumi

As described in Isao Honda’s book, noshi 4 is an example of noshi-zutsumi: a formal wrapper used in weddings.

Start with two rectangular sheets of paper of size ratio 1:2.
  In the old days: place the red sheet over the white sheet and fold as if they were one sheet.
  In modern times: use a sheet of origami paper that is white on one side and red on the other side.

Fold the sheet in half but only make a pinch crease on the right side of the paper. Fold the top section in half again and make a pinch crease on the left side of the paper. The location of the pinch marks is important as it will place the creases on the back side of the noshi.



In step 4, fold the flaps towards the left so the corners of the paper protrude out slightly (see image 5, green arrows).

In step 6a, make the first pleat at the junction where the white part of the paper first starts to overlap with the red part of the paper.


Pleat the top and bottom flaps evenly and similar to each other.


In step 7, fold the right side of the noshi towards the left using the crease established in step 4. The chaotic overlapping layers will be hidden on the inside of the wrapper.


As shown on the last image, the completed noshi 4 has a strip of textured paper inserted into the wrapper. This strip of paper (often yellow in color) represents stretched and dried abalone (shellfish).

The entire wrapper is bound with a Mizuhiki. As is custom for happy events, the mizuhiki is red & white and is weaved into loops. Because this noshi is for a wedding, the knot (called musubikiri) is one which cannot be easily untied. Read more about this traditional method of knotting coils here. [Image below shows the three types of knots used in the art of mizuhiki]

mizuhiki knots

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