Origami CD Cover Clasp Lock

These instructions are adapted from the “CD Case from normal printer paper” instructions by golics. See original video here.

CD cover origami fold, free

  1. Take a piece of paper and fold it into quarters. The center is where the two creases intersect.
  2. Place a CD in the center of the paper and trace a circle around the CD.
  3. Slide the CD down until the top of the CD is at the center of the paper and the center of the CD aligns with the bottom-edge of the traced circle. Trace the CD.
  4. Slide the CD up until the bottom of the CD is at the center of the paper and the center of the CD aligns with the top-edge of the central, traced circle. Trace the CD.
  5. Slide the CD towards the right and trace the CD in a similar fashion.
  6. Repeat one more time with the CD placed on the left.
  7. This produces a beautiful pattern that will be the CD Cover. The next 2 steps will form the locking clasp.
  8. Position the CD towards the upper left as shown and trace a half circle. Note the red dots which show the position of the CD relative to the traced circles.
  9. Repeat at the lower right.
  10. Cut off the top-left and bottom-right sections (shaded areas).
  11. Make the clasps by cutting along the red lines as shown. Requires 4 snips.
  12. Place a CD in the middle of the paper. Fold the left and right flaps inwards.
  13. Fold the top flap down.
  14. Fold the bottom flap up and interlace the clasps around one another.
  15. Cut off extra overhangs.Done!


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