Origami Winged Heart

Heart from Triangle

origami heart
This Winged Heart origami model is not hard to make, yet it gives such pleasing results. With just 12 steps, you can make someone’s heart fly (figuratively, not literally). The model shown here is a little easier to fold because the color of the wings is the same color of the heart. If you wish to have the wings a different color then try the Heart with Wings instead.

Winged Heart Instructions


origami heart

  1. Start with a square sheet of paper. If you are using origami paper, place the white-side facing up. Fold the paper left to right, and then unfold. Fold the paper from top to bottom, and then unfold. You will get a + shaped crease.
  2. Fold the top-edge and bottom-edge of the paper to the horizontal central-crease.
  3. Fold and unfold the bottom corners as shown.


origami heart

  1. Make an inside reverse fold (push in the corners so the triangular corners lie in between the top and bottom layers of paper).
  2. Turn the model over.
  3. Valley fold the left and right corners so they come down to the lower edge of the model.


origami heart

    1. Pull back the top of the model (the top triangular section) so it lies behind. The front of the model will splay open (7b). Make valley folds and press the paper down (7c). When done, it will look like 7d. Watch the movement of the dots to help you make this move.


    origami heart

    1. Fold in the top corners to start getting a heart shape.
    2. Fold down the pointy tips to round-out the heart shape. For the bottom of the model, make alternating valley and mountain folds like in a fan or an accordion.


    origami heart

    1. Stack the folds tightly together. Pinch the center and fan open the left and right sides of the paper.
    2. Turn over.
    3. Congratulations, you’re done!



    origami heart

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