Traditional Origami Chicken

Traditional Origami Chicken

easy origami paper Chicken bird
To make this Traditional Origami Chicken, you will need origami paper that is different color on the front and on the back of the paper. If you use regular paper, then you will not be able to make the chicken’s head a different color as shown. The model is not hard to make, but it does require that you fiddle with the paper a little in step 5 before you squash the paper flat.

Traditional Origami Chicken Instructions

paper origami chicken bird

    1. Start with a square sheet of origami paper with the color-side facing up. Position the paper in “diamond” orientation with the square balanced on one of its corners. Fold in half (bottom to top).
    2. Fold the bottom corners up to the top.


paper origami chicken bird

    1. Mountain fold the model in half (right side folds behind left side).
    2. Peel down and to the right the top flap of paper.
    3. Adjust the paper to release tension (at arrow) and then press down flat.


paper origami chicken bird

    1. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on back side. Match the positioning of the back wing with the wing at the front of the model.
    2. To make the feet, valley fold the bottom part of the model towards the left. Unfold
    3. Make an inside reverse fold so the chicken’s feet are in between the two layers of paper of the body.


paper origami chicken bird

    1. To make the head, fold the top part of the model towards the left. Unfold.
    2. Make another inside reverse fold to place the head in between the two layers of paper of the body.
    3. Unfold and release one layer of paper from the head section of the model.


paper origami chicken bird

  1. Fold this peak back down so the colored side of the paper is visible. To avoid ripping the paper, you may need to unfold the body of the model a little, make the color-change fold; then refold the body of the chicken.
  2. Done!

– Traditional Origami Chicken as photo-instructions
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