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This page is dedicated to “fun” origami videos which have origami but are not necessarily instructional videos. You can also click here to get instructional dollar bill origami, or origami stories and poems.

Fun to Watch Origami Videos

origami video Papiroflexia by J Baldwin: a lovely cartoon clip where a burly (but gentle) man folds his noisy city into a peaceful origami world. (2 min 30 sec)
origami video Origami(2012) by Smithies et al: just a fleeting image of paper folded into origami models; however, storyline and music makes it a dramatic animation video. (8 min 15 sec)
origami video Paperman is an animated short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. An unassuming young man meets a lady with the help of paper airplanes. This 2012 short film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and the Annie Award for Best animated Short Subject. (6 min 30 sec)
origami video Papiroflexia 2000 by Sinsellos: boys, books and butterflies: the ultimate romance story of boy meets girl through origami. (5 min 50 sec)
origami video Creative Origami by R Kittleson: Humorous computer generated characters who discuss origami ending in classic “origami snowball”. (2 min)
origami video Insects 9 by makkintosh: I knew ants were persistent, but I had no idea they were so creative too. Leaf cutter ants overcome everyday problems with origami. Humorous. (4 min 45 sec)
origami video Spoof on Matrix: a spoof on the 1999 blockbuster film, “Matrix”. Main fighting scene between Neo and Morpheus is rendered comical with origami and kirigami. (10 sec)
origami video Iconoscopio #9 CODA by Esferobite-DSK: stop motion animation using origami from the desktop to the big screen. Nice visuals, nice audio (1 min 45 sec)
origami video Quaq Quao by MisseriStudio: beautiful stop-motion animation of an origami duck who meets a colorful paper horse. (5 min 45 sec)
origami video Origami Animation by S Okada: an eye opening video on how to make stop-action animation. Key actor is none other than the paper crane. (2 min 45 sec)
origami video Origami: Jonathan Wai, a student of the Vancouver Film school demonstrates how he created a 45 second animated clip featuring mischievous origami birds picking up objects and flying away. (2 min 15 sec)
origami video Origami pterodactyl from pizza box: Back from over 20 years ago: Little Caesars Pizza commercial where man folds an origami pterodactyl from a pizza box. Humorous. (20 sec)
origami video O2 Origami by beruska83: short and sweet. A nicely done commericial featuring origami animals made from sheets of writing paper. (30 sec)
origami video Bank Coop Evolution by ruflanz: watch origami-style evolution from tadpole -> frog -> lizard -> gorilla -> man. All done with Swiss money and a little help of a computer. (45 sec)
origami video Going West by TheNZBookCouncil: masterful kirigami and paper art work! Advertisement for New Zealand Book Council where “books come to life”. (2 min 10 sec)
origami video In Pursuit of Perfection by S Mabona: a fabulous piece of commercial work by origami artist Sipho Mabona. Some of the best/creative origami with commentary, makes a nice story. (4 min 45 sec)
origami video Dreaming of Love by (S Mabona): another origami video clip by Sipho Mabona: what does a man want? A car, a house, or something else? (2 min)
origami video Thousand Reasons a UK based awareness group dedicated to educating the public about nuclear arms: features interesting paper art and an important message. (1 min)
origami video Extra Gum Commercial a heartwarming video of a father, his daughter and how they keep connected via paper cranes made from gum wrappers. “Sometimes the little things last the longest.” (1 min)
origami video Target Commercial a beautiful Target commercial featuring origami inspired pleated structures and modular origami pieces. Commercial was shown during the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. (1 min)
origami video Kellogg’s Special K Commercial by Leo Burnett. This shows a cereal box disintegrating into origami butterflies, birds, bowl and paper girls. It is symbolic to the transformation and evolution of the new Special K recipe. (30 sec)
origami video You’re Never Alone by numberstitles: great song accompanying some classic origami models including fish, frog, windmill, rocket, bird and more. (3 min 40 sec)
origami video Extra Strong by L Latrof: cute story of 2 sheets of paper fight it out. Who’s stronger: green or yellow? And then there’s blue… (1 min 10 sec)
origami video Barmy Origami by CharliDesigns: stop motion animation of origami being folded and assembled. Nice to look at. (2 min)
origami video Cranes and Lilies by MindlessWonder: short and simple: conveys the simplicity and beauty of cranes and lilies done in pure white. (45 sec)
origami video Origami Animation by J Marano: a nice try for a beginner: features paper crane, whale, frog, rabbit. (45 sec)
origami video The Cranes by Blue Clements: dancing paper cranes; good try; not sure about the music though. (1 min 40 sec)


Notable Origami Artists Doing their Stuff


Eric Joisel Origami Master by J Kelley: 4-minute documentary on origami artist Eric Joisel and his incredible work. (3 min 45 sec) origami video
Robert Lang folds American Flag by New York Times: after 7 days of work, Lang creates an American flag with 50 stars and 13 stripes from one square. (2 min) origami video
Akira Yoshizawa folds a Swan by Jorges: watch the “Grandfather of Modern Origami” fold a swan. (9 min) origami video
Robert Harbin does “Torn and Restored Newspaper” trick by conmagic: a classic trick perfectly executed by renown origami artist and magician. (1 min 20 sec) origami video
Francesco Decio demonstrates what some call the greatest origami move ever: the completion of Fujimoto’s Cube with just a twist of two fingers. (2 min) origami video
Kamiya Satoshi folds a Phoenix by TheSitr: 1361 folds later, Satoshi creates an origami phoenix from a single sheet of paper. (4 min) origami video
Jeremy Shafer’s Flasher Big Bang by mbjb (10 sec)
Jeremy Shafer’s Flasher and Flasher Hat from Exploratorium
origami video
Chris Palmer’s Flower to Tower by ordaudee (1 min)
Chris Palmer’s Hat Tent by ordaudee (30 sec)
origami video
Etienne Cliquet shows how his simply folded micro-origami structures gracefully unfold when placed in water. (6 min 30 sec) origami video
Oversized Origami Event at origamiUSA convention:: a bunch of enthusiatic origami folders folding large sheets of paper into all sort of origami imaginable. 2010 by Marigami, 2012 by L Torres. origami video
Between the Folds by Green Fuse Films: an acclaimed origami documentary trailer. (5 min 30 sec).
See 30 minutes clip. Or buy DVD here.
origami video


More Interesting Origami Videos

origami video Giant Origami Crane by J Kinouchi: three young men fold a large origami crane. Good work guys! (3 min 20 sec)
origami video Giant Origami Dinosaur by ReutersVideo: Organizer Matsumoto says that it is probably the world’s largest paper dinosaur. (1 min 10 sec)
origami video Making a tiny crane by acertainflower: paper crane starting with paper the size of a US penny. (2 min)
origami video One handed crane by sorenku: folding paper crane using only one hand! (~3 minutes, poor resolution).One-handed origami flapping bird by illman: folding flapping bird with only one hand! (~6 minutes)
origami video One-handed origami rose by sorenku: almost unbelieveable, the Kawasaki rose folded with one hand only! (~6 minutes)
origami video Folding Feet by Susan: folding flapping bird with feet! (4 min)
origami video Folding Laundry by ORC: folding shirts origami style in seconds! (45 sec)
origami video Cool Origami by Lunggirl: what looks like a classic masu box is actually a stack of hidden boxes. (45 sec)
origami video Origami Sugar Crane by gaharoni: pastry chef and owner of Sugarworks LLC makes sugar crane with blow-torch. (3 min 10 sec)

Instructional Origami Clips


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