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One of the great advantages of origami kits is that they’re all-in-one. You don’t have to shop for a book and then shop for origami paper: a kit has it all nicely packaged, ready to go.

origami kits
Origami Fun Kit for Beginners  is a compilation kit with 3 small origami books and 96 sheets of origami paper. The books are “Birds in Origami”, “Favorite Animals in Origami”, and “Easy Origami”: a total of 55 projects. Origami paper comes in solid colors, multicolored, and metallic. It’s a great kit for a beginners. Approx $10 at amazon.com
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Origami on the Go  by Margaret Van Sicklen is a travel origami kit. Inside the suitcase-like box, you will find a 144-page paperback book with instructions to 40 origami projects; 100 sheets of origami paper; and stickers. Included is travel-wise information ($US –> Euros, Seven Natural Wonders, key words in different languages). The airplanes, jumping frogs, and finger puppets will keep your kids occupied during travel. Approx $10 at amazon/com

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Money Origami Kit by Michael LaFosse & Richard Alexander is a great little boxed kit. The kit includes a book, instructional DVD, and fake money for practicing. The book is 96 pages long, paperback, and contains 21 money origami projects. Approx $15 from amazon.com
There are many many origami kits available on the market including: “Ultimate Origami Kit”, or “Origami Spectacular Kit!”, and the “Complete Origami Kit for Children”. Some kits have a theme such as the “butterfly kit”, the mythical creature kit, the paper airplane kit, and even a Christmas origami kit”. Almost all kits are a combination of an instructional origami book and appropriate-patterned origami paper. See entire list here. See entire list here.

Specialized Origami Kits

origami kits
Origami Mobile Kit allows you to make 5 origami mobiles using paper cranes, birds, fans, fish, and.or stars. Kit includes instructions, origami paper, hanging wire, and decorative thread. Enough material to make 5 mobiles. Approx $13 from amazon.com.
origami kits
Paper Doll Origami Kit by Aitoh. A specialized kit for those who love classic origami paper dolls. Kit includes instructions, origami paper, templates for heads, and special paper for hair. Enough material to make 8 or 12 dolls; glue and scissors required (not included). There are 2 versions: one is approx $10 while the other is $13; available at amazon.com.
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Thousand Cranes Kit by Kidstoyo. In Japanese culture, it is believed that your wish will come true if you folded 1000 paper cranes. Most notable is the story of Sadako Sasaki and the 1000 cranes. This kit contains 1000 sheets of multi-colored paper (3″ square), instructions (in Japanese), string to thread the cranes together, and beads to keep the cranes in place. Approx $15 from amazon.com.


    Books with Easy Origami

    • Easy Origami: over 30 simple projects by John Montroll
    • Origami Fun Kit for Beginners by John Montroll
    • My First Origami Kit by Joel Stern
    • Easy Origami: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids by C Alexander & M Meinking
    • Fun With Easy Origami (Dover Origami Papercraft)
    • Origami: A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Art of Paper Folding by T Cook & S Henry
    • Easy Origami For Kids Book Traditional Japanese Folding Papers Overs 20 Projects by J Wish
    • Easy Origami for Kids: Over 40 Simple Origami Projects by O Brooks


    Easy Origami Books


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