Toilet Paper Origami Book

by Linda Wright

Toilet Paper Origami
Toilet Paper Origami book is exactly what you think it might be: folding toilet paper into origami-style creations. Commode connoisseur,Linda Wright, does an excellent job in bringing style and flare into a basic roll of toilet paper.

Some designs are elegant in their simplicity and they can be accomplished in minutes. However, some of the lavishly complex designs can take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Some designs are made while the toilet paper is still on the roll while other require that you tear the toilet paper off the roll, fold it, and then place it back onto the roll.

The Toilet Paper Origami book contains some amazingly simple designs which can change a plain roll of TP into a conversational piece. Shown are:

  • Punched Work: Made with scrap booking hole-punchers. Optimal size is about 1 to 1.5 inches; avoid intricate designs.
  • Eyelet: made with a hole puncher (but there’s a secret on how to punch the holes so they don’t rip and fray).
  • Point: classic fold seen in hotels and cruise ships
  • Stickers: stickers add a splash of color and fun to your toilet paper. Customized logo stickers are great in high-end hotels.
Toilet Paper Origami
Warm up your origami skills with these simple folds:

  • Pleated Point: if you can fold a point, why not spend one more minute to make it into a pleated point?
  • Banner on the Bias: takes less than one minute to fold!
  • Marquis: here comes some real origami! You may recognize this as the “squash fold”.
origami toilet paper
These next few designs form basket-like structures which can be used in other toilet paper projects.

  • Nature’s Vase: fold the toilet paper into a vase shape and then add a sprig of flower. Aromatic herbs or flowers like lavender will add pleasure to the eye and the nose.
  • Crowning Glory: Very elegant: if you’re going to be on the throne, you should have a crown too.
  • Swanky Hanky: the hanky is made from a square of TP and then tucked into a basket-like fold.
origami toilet paper
Master origami artists will surely recognize these classic paper folds:

  • Sail Boat Afloat
  • Heart in a Sleeve
origami toilet paper
It wouldn’t be origami if you didn’t include a few animals, right?

  • Butterfly: this is secured with a pipe cleaner so… you may want to remove that before using it.
  • Swimming Whale: the water ripples are made with decorative craft scissors.
  • Jackrabbit: a classic “easy origami” model.
  • Pleated Ear Bunny: pleated ears and hole punch eyes.
Toilet Paper origami
Wright’s Toilet Paper Origami book offers a variety of ways to use toilet paper fans:

  • Fan: while still attached to the roll, the toilet paper is pleated and then ever-so-carefully balanced on the roll.
  • Montecito, Fandangle, and FanfAir: 4 or 2-squares of TP are ripped off, pleated, and then tucked into basket-like folds.
Toilet Paper origami
Flowers are common in snazzy bathrooms so why not add some toilet paper flowers?

  • Flower Pot and Paperwhite in a Point: these are the easiest flower designs in this book. The flower has a bit of a frazzled look, but it’s quick and easy.
  • Rosebud: paper napkins folded into a rose-with-a-stem is a classic: here, the same methodology is applied to toilet paper.
  • Magnolia: beauty! the flower is made with 7 separate squares of toilet paper. The whole thing is kept together with a 2-square section of TP. This flower is a dream and it’s easy to make too.
  • Rambling Rose: probably the most difficult model in this book. Very elegant – will definitely impress even the crabbiest users.

Toilet Paper origami

These last 4 designs don’t really involve “folding”, rather, they are more like “rolling”, “braiding”, or “tying”. Nevertheless, very beautiful and creative. Since these designs are slightly more involved to unravel, it is probably best to have another roll of toilet paper that your guests can use without feeling bad.

  • Rosette: a very basic roll. Ladies may know this as a way to roll your hair into a bun.
  • Braid: very clever design (where do all those strands of TP come from?). Though easy to make, the braid is difficult to make perfectly.
  • Bow: beautiful enough to give as a present.
  • Angel: the wings are made from a 3-square section of TP while the head and body is still attached to the roll. Looks complicated but is actually fairly easy to make.
Toilet Paper origami


The Toilet Paper Origami book is somewhat quirky; however, if you look beyond that, you will find that the ideas in this book are elegant and tasteful. Folding your toilet paper will give your washroom a refined look second to none. Instructions in the Toilet Paper Origami book are easy to understand and includes over 300 photographs. The designs are easy to accomplish: all in all, a good buy.


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