Making Origami Paper Airplanes, Michael LaFosse

Making Origami Paper Airplanes

by Michael LaFosse

Lafosse Origami airplanes
Making Origami Paper Airplanes by Michael Lafosse is a good introductory book on paper airplanes. There are many origami airplane instructions available on the internet so it is difficult to set a value on the models within this book. Certainly, they are easy to fold and they fly well.
Models in this book include:

  • Safety Dart: this model is also in “Making Origami Toys”
  • Two-Piece Stunt Plane: this model is also in “Making Origami Vehicles”
  • Two-Piece Jet: this model is also in “Making Origami Vehicles”
  • Stacking Wings: this model is also in “Making Origami Toys”
  • Squid Plane
  • Huck Finn
  • Double-Flap Plane and
  • Art-Deco Wing


Summary of Making Origami Paper Airplanes

This book is definitely a “solid” origami book for beginners. As always, LaFosse does a great job in choosing easy, kid-friendly models that are described by clear instructions. However, as far as paper airplanes go, there is nothing particularly special about the models within the book. This book would sit well along side its companions in the “Kids’a Guide to Making Origami” series, but it would be weak as a stand alone volume.

making paper origami airplanes

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