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Origami related computer stuff is great for those who love origami and computers. Most are free for download.

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This isn’t a gift idea, but it is related to computers, so we list it here:

    • Doodle: by Jérôme Gout, Xavier Fouchet, Vincent Osele, and volunteers. Uses ASCII code to generate origami diagrams. See samples here.
    • Fold A Face by Hans Dybkjær. an interactive computer program which allows you to pick facial features to be folded into a piece of paper. You can choose ears, eyes, mouth, and color for your origami face.
    • Foldinator Origami Modeler and Diagrammer by John Szinger. As described: “Foldinator is a software application for visualizing objects made by the sequential folding of flat sheet materials, and for generating annotated documents that record and display the sequence of steps in the object’s creation, providing a useful set of instructions to others.”
    • Interactive Ring Tessellation by Robert Lang. An interactive demo that displays a tessellation and its folded form for a “Rings”-type tessellation. You can adjust several controls that affect the crease pattern and then see the results in the folded form in real time.
    • Origami Simulation: by Robert Lang. A computer program which allows you to use your mouse to drag corners of a piece of paper to execute valley folds, mountain folds, rotations, turn overs, undo & redo.
    • Origami Simulator and Diagrammer by Tung Ken Lam as part of his Master’s dissertation. The program allows you to grab the paper by left-clicking your mouse and then dragging the paper to where you want it to be. Valley lines and Mountain lines draw but discontinuous regions may appear. Use of keys and mouse allows for different moves.
    • ORIPA: by Jun Mitani. Generates crease patterns. See demo on youtube.
    • Ori-Revo: by Jun Mitani. A design tool for the purpose of exploring new origami models based on “surface of revolution” shapes.
    • Rigid Origami Simulator by Tomohiro Tachi. Simulates kinematics of rigid origami from .opx or .dxf crease pattern. See samples here and here.
    • Tessellation from a Square Twist Fold: by Ben Kraft. Software simulates “square twist” motion.
    • TESS: by Eric Gjerdi and Alex Bateman. Generates origami tessellation diagrams.
    • TreeMaker: by Robert Lang. Generates crease patterns.





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