Christmas Tree Mamino

by SB Tree Mamino

origami Christmas tree

This page is a “help page” for folding the origami Christmas Tree created by SB Mamino. The diagrams are abbreviated and some steps are not shown; this page goes through the steps in greater detail.

The original design consists of 7 tiers (layers). Each tier is made of 5 units. Each unit starts with a square sheet of paper. You can use origami paper, but paper that is colored on both sides is a bit better because then there is no white-side peeking out.

Mamino recommends using paper squares that are successively 1/8th smaller than the tier below.

If you are using larger sheets of paper and need to cut them to size, a good size to start with is 4.5 inches (12 cm) wide for the largest tier and 1.5 inches (3 cm) wide wide for smallest tier. It gets difficult to fold squares smaller than 1 inch.

Size (inches)
Size (cm)
The resulting tree will be about 7 inches (18 cm) tall.

origami Christmas tree origami Christmas tree
If you already have square sheets of paper, you do not need to measure their sizes with a ruler. Simply make pinch folds to find the 1/8th divisions. Then trim off the paper around the edge to get smaller and smaller sheets.


Let’s start…

origami Christmas tree
Step 1
origami Christmas tree
Step 2
origami Christmas tree
Step 3: Mountain fold
origami Christmas tree
Step 4
origami Christmas tree
Step 5: Mountain fold in half.
origami Christmas tree
Step 6: Reverse fold.

origami Christmas tree
Step 7: One unit done
origami Christmas tree
Relax the folds a bit.
origami Christmas tree
Make 5 units of the same size. There should be a total of 35 units.
origami Christmas tree
Assemble the units into tiers (levels).
Place two units side by side, insert the flap of one unit into the pocket of the other unit.

origami Christmas tree
Turn the model over.
origami Christmas tree
There is no lock for this model; friction keeps the two unit together. To help keep the units together, you can fold the small triangular flap over the larger flap from the adjacent unit.
origami Christmas tree
Assemble all 5 units in the same way.
origami Christmas tree
Insert the flap of the first unit into the pocket of the 5th unit. The model will become 3D like a cone.
origami Christmas tree
Make 7 tiers of different sizes.

origami Christmas tree
Top view.
origami Christmas tree
Bottom view.
origami Christmas tree
Side view.
origami Christmas tree
Place the tiers one on top of the other with the largest cone on the bottom.

origami Christmas tree
Be careful, the layers can tip over!

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