Chestnut Holder (Cuple)

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Learn to make this Chestnut Holder (Cuple): it is a double compartment container that is suitable for holding chestnuts, sunflower seeds, and snacks that have shells or seeds. The container is good for holding anything, but since it has two compartments, it is perfect for snacks that need a “good” side and a “bad” side.

This model was created by Garibi Ilan and you can see his original design here or you can see his video. The video has some modifications so it does not match the diagram exactly. Below is a diagram from his video.

Chestnut Holder Diagram

origami box

  1. Start with rectangular sheet of paper with color-side up.

    A4 is recommended but a USA 8.5″ x 11″ letter works too.
    Fold the paper in half. Unfold
  2. Turn the paper over. Press the middle of the crease (red asterisk) and lift the edges of the paper together (green dots).
  3. origami box

  4. Pinch the paper together (green dots) and keep sliding them past one another.
  5. The front and back of the paper will become smaller and smaller. Keep sliding the pinched paper until the 4 corners of the paper come together (blue & red dots)
  6. origami box

  7. Side view.
  8. Front view. Fold the 4 layers of paper together. Unfold.
  9. To lock the model, mountain fold the two top layers of paper together and tuck them behind. Valley fold the two back layers of paper and tuck them in front.
  10. origami box

  11. Cuple – The simplest yet perfect ChestnutHolder is done!

If you like this model, you might like the Double Popcorn Cup by Jose Tomas Buitrago Molina of Colombia. This model is also a double compartment container. It is not clear why you would need two sides for holding popcorn – maybe for sharing among two people? Diagram was made in 1997.


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