StarPuff Box

Ilan Garibi

origami box
This StarPuff Box was created by Ilan Garibi. It is an example of a crease-and-collapse design. If you have never made an origami via crease and collapse, then this is a good day for you to try!
An interesting feature of this model is that it starts with a hexagon instead of a square sheet if paper. Instructions to make a hexagon from a rectangle or from a square are provided; or you can print one out from here. The creasing of the hexagon paper is straightforward but the collapsing part may be tricky to some. Watch Garibi’s video to get help on the collapse part.

The model can be divided into 3 parts:
1. make a 8 x 8 grid of triangles.
2. make crease A all around the hexagon,
3. make crease B all around the hexagon, and
4. collapse into the StarPuff Box.

Make an 8 x 8 Grid of Triangles


origami box

1. Fold the hexagon into 8 equal divisions.
2. Rotate 1/6th turn and fold into 8 divisions again.
3. Rotate 1/6th turn and fold into 8 divisions one last time.


origami box
4. This makes a 8×8 grid of triangles.

4a. Turn the model over and locate the central 6-pointed star (called a Star of David)

We will make two crease lines that extend from the corner of the Star of David.


Make Crease A


origami box
5. Rotate the model so it is balanced on one of the corners of the hexagon.
5b. Fold in half but press only at the edges outside of the Star of David.
6. Unfold. Rotate 1/6th turn, repeat two more times.

Make Crease B

origami box
7. Fold up the bottom corner of the paper so it meets with the spot that is one-triangle-above-the-center of the paper (join red dots).
7b. Press outward from the tip of the Star of David towards the edge of the paper.
8. Unfold, rotate, and repeat 5 more times.




origami box

Turn the model over.

9. Collapse by pinching the model at 1, 2, 3, and 4 making mountain-valley-mountain-valley folds.

10. While holding the layers of paper together, continue to fold the next set of mountain-valley-mountain-valley folds.

The layers of paper will lay one-on-top-of-the other
and spiral down flat like a lid.

origami box
11. Lock the top layers my making a mountain fold and then tucking the paper into the pocket that is just underneath.
If necessary, insert a narrow tool (a skewer or chopstick) into the top opening and pop-out any dents.
12. Top view of model.
13. Bottom view of model.

origami box


origami box
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