Florence Temko Library Collection

Published in books authored by Florence Temko

This list includes only original origami models created by Florence Temko and
published with how-to instructions in more than 2¾ million Temko books in print

Party Fun with Origami, Platt & Munk, New York, 1966
Christmas Tree Mobile, p.6.
Christmas Tree Greeting Card, p.6.
Santa Claus, p.8.
Star, p.8.
Rocket, p.14.
Heart Invitation, p.22.

Paperfolding to Begin With, Bobbs-Merrill, New York, 1968
(All traditional).

Paper Capers, Scholastic, New York, 1974; ISBN 0-590-09938-8
Bat, p.45

Paper: Folded, Cut, Sculpted, Macmillan, New York 1974 Worlds Work, London, 1976
Abstract Sculpture, (Illustration only) p.44.
Picture Frame, p.49
Fan (with curved upper edge), p.50.
Napkin fold (crown or hat), p.60.
Earrings, p.64.
Woodpecker, p.65.
Rabitt’s Head Mask, p.67.
Mask, p.68.
Bird Candy Dish, p.70.
Flower, p.84.
Pyramid, p.87.
Bud, p.89.
Bowl, p.94.
Pushmi-Pullyu, p.96.
Graphic (3-D Zig-Zag), (Illustration only), p.168.

Folkcrafts for World Friendship, Doubleday, New York, 1974

(Traditional Waterbomb).
Paper Works, Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis & New York, 1979
Wallet, p.102.
Fortune Teller Wreath (6 units glued together) p.116.

Elementary Art Games & Puzzles, Parker/Prentice Hall, West Nyack, 1982
Go Fish! (a game with origami fish), p.40.
Follow the Leader (games with origami shapes) p.44.

Paper Pandas and Jumping Frogs, China Books, San Francisco, 1986;
ISBN 0-8351-1770-7
Chinese Duck, p.22.
Executive Toy, p.31.
Simple Star, p.32.
Christmas Tree Ornament, p.40.
Wing-Ding, p.46
Fan Flower Quickie (Fans on sticks) p.50.
Pop-up Greeting Card, p.51.
Party Hat, p.52.
May Basket, p.53.
Talking Whale, (adapted from fish base) p.54.
Earrings, p.56.
Snapping Alligator, p.58.
Brooding Hen, p.60.
Proud Rooster, p.62.
Icicle, p.70.
Basket of Many Uses, p.76.
Snake, p.78.
Wreath, p.79
Valentine Secret, p.88.
Pleated Bird Mobile, p.102.
Napkin Ring, p.105.
Bouquet of Flowers, p.106.
Pine Tree Ornament, p 107.
Nibbling Mouse, p.108.

Paper Tricks, Scholastic, New York, 1988; ISBN 0-590-41129-2
Origami Bird
Friendship Bracelet
Somersault Sally

Paper Tricks II, Scholastic, 1990; ISBN 0-590-43333-4
Flying French Fries (with cuts), p.5.
Earrings, p.15.
Jumping Mice, p.19.
Droopy Dog, p.29.
Starry Nights, p.31
Bautiful Butterflies, p.35.
Origami Holiday Ornament. p.43.

Paper Jewelry, Heian International, Torrance, CA, 1989;
ISBN 0-89346-324-8
Simple Earrings.
Whale Pendant, Necklace and Earrings (made with traditional fish)
Maltese Cross (same as Christmas Tree Ornament in “Paper Pandas”)
Space Ring.

Jewish Origami, Heian, Torrance, CA, 1991: ISBN 0-89346-335-3
Grogger Noisemaker (adapted from traditional Banger)
Shofar for the New Year.
Matzoh Cover for Passover.

Jewish Origami II, Heian, Torrance, CA, 1992; ISBN 0-89346-335-3
Royal Crown.
Rabbi’s Hat.
Queen Esther’s Jewelry.

Noah’s Ark (combination of traditional boat and house).

Origami for Beginners, Charles E. Tuttle, Rutland VT &Tokyo, 1991, 2002
ISBN 0-8048-1688-3
Pine Tree. p. 12
Trick Mouse, p.13
Earrings, Icicle, p.114
Squawker, p.16
Skyscraper, p.22
Space Rocket, p.24
Napkin Ring or Photo Holder, p.24
Barking Dog Puppet, p.33
Bell Flower, p.34
Pirate’s Hat, Pilgrim’s Bonnet, Robot, p.40
Elephant, p.42

Made with Paper, Dragon’s World, London, 1991
Tooth Fairy Pillow, Petal Coaster, Frame, (4-pts-to-center), p.61
Turkey, p.65
All-Purpose Card, Place Card, p.69

Flower, p.70
Fancy Flower Hat, p.72-73.
Cactus in Bloom, p.77.
Earrings, p.78.
Rocket (same as in Party Fun with Origami), p.85.
Loch Ness Monster, p.89.
Zig-Zag Graphic (same as in Paper: Folded, Cut, Sculpted) p.90.

Origami Magic, Scholastic, 1993, ISBN 0-590-47124-4
Fish (Game), p.14.
My Pet Puppy, p.16.
Fans (also Earrings, p.18.
Bow, (also pleated Butterfly), p.20.
Tree Greeting Card, p.24.
Santa Claus or Troll Finger Puppet, p.26.

Masks, p.28.
Turkey, p.32.
Proud Peacock, p.33.
Dinosaur, (same as in “Made with Paper “), p.34
Puppet, p.55.

The Complete Origami Kit, Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1993
Origami for Children Book 1.
Worm, p.3
Flying Fish, p.4.
Coloring Pattern, p.5.
Pop-open Heart, p.6.
Wind Toy, p.12
Drop Earrings, p.18
Hungry Bird (same as Squawker in “Origami for Beginners”) , p.20.
Dragon Puppet, p.22 (adaptation of traditional “Talking Fish”)
Bird Party Basket, p.26
Spaceship, p.28
Secret Message, p.30

Origami for Children Book 2.
House, p.3.
Coloring Pattern 2, p.10.
Jump-up Flea, p.12.
Coyote Tells a Story, p.18.
Happy Clown, p.22.
Mask, p.24.
Stingray, p.26.

Origami for Holidays, Book 1
Thanksgiving Cornucopia, p.3.
Christmas Tree Card, p.6.
Reindeer, p.15.
Candle, p.20.
Pilgrim’s Bonnet, p.28.
Basket, p.30.

Origami for Holidays, Book 2
Gift Bow, p.3.
Pine Tree, p.4.
Ring Decoration, p.6.
Coloring Pattern. p.11.
Diamond Ornament, 12.
Holiday Flower, p.16.
Wreath, p.18.
Bell, p.22
Santa Claus, p.24.
Turkey, p.28.

Bible Origami, Heian International, 1994, ISBN 0-89346-800-2
Snake in the Garden of Eden.
Lion (Daniel in the Lions’ Den).
Ten Commandments Tablets.

New Testament Bible Origami, Heian, 1994, ISBN 0-89346-801-0
Three Kings

For Your Eyes Only: 13 Ways to Fold Notes, Willowisp Press, 1995,
ISBN O-87406-737-5
Quickie Secret Note,
Hidden Heart,
Dead Fish,
Photo Frame,
Locked Square

Money Folding, (co-author V’Ann Cornelius) Heian, 1995,
ISBN 0-89346-828-2
Lucky Duck

PAPER MAGIC SERIES, Dragon’s World, London, 1995
Also Millbrook Press, Brookfield, CT 1996;
Planes and other Flying Things, ISBN 1-85028-375-3
Flying Pelican,
Sideways Plane,

Animals and Birds, ISBN 1-85028-372-9
Origami Bird,
Bat Mobile (same as in “Paper Capers”).

Gifts, Jewellery and Other Ideas, ISBN 1-85028-373-7
Earrings (same as in “Paper Jewelry”),
Zig-zag Bracelet and Ring.

Cards and Tags, ISBN 1-85028-374-5
Have a Heart.

Wedding Origami, Heian International, 1996, ISBN 0-89346-838-X
Mandarin Ducks, p.4.
Wedding Bells, p.10.
Placecards. P.12.

Origami Toys, Tuttle Publishing. 2003, ISBN 0-8048-3478-4,
Jumping Mouse, P.14.
Transformer, p.15
Monster Mask, p.20.
We Fish (Game), p.24.
Airplane, (Variation), p.28.
Rocket, p.32.
Dinosaur, p.34 (same as in “Made with Paper).
Raven, , (same as Squawker in “Origami for Beginners”), p. 36.
Tic Tac Toe Game. (incl. markers), , p.48.
Magic Wand, (Party Favor) p.60.

Origami Holiday Decorations, Tuttle Publishing, 2003, ISBN 0-8048-3477-6
Icicle p.16.
Santa’s Hat Decoration, p.18.
Zawadi Gift (Message Rack) p.20.
Holiday Calendar, p.22.
Hanging Ornament, p.24.
Dreidel, p.26.
The Three Kings, p.28.
Christmas Tree, p.29.
Holiday Wreath. p.32.
Money Flower, p.34.
Picture Frame, p.36.
Torah Scroll, p.38.
Christmas Stocking, p.40.
Gift Envelope, p.42.
Candle, p.43.
Candle Holder, p.44.
Turkey, (same as in “Made with Paper”), p.48
Dove Candy Dish, p.50.
Santa Claus, p.52.
Kwanzaa Bowl, p.54.
Star of Bethlehem, p.56.
Reindeer, p.60.

Origami Airplanes, Tuttle Publishing. 2004. ISBN 0-8048-3496-2
Square Paper Plane, p. 26.
Flying Bug, p.46.
Arms Crossed, p.50.
Fighter Plane, p.53.
Building an Airport, p.56.

Origami Boxes and More, Tuttle Publishing. 2004. ISBN 0-8048-3495-4
Row of Boxes, p.18.
Desktop Basket, p.20.
Banded Box, p.24.
Nested Boxes (stacked graduated boxes , p.26.
Plant Pot Cover (woven), p.27.
Gift Bag, p.33.
Triangle Box, p.36.
Money Basket, p.38.
Flower Gift Wrap. (for bottles) p.43.
Triangle Gift Box (or pocket book) p.46.
Mystery Box, p.50.
Round Bowl, p.58.

Origami Party Time, Tuttle Publishing, 2004, ISBN O-8048-3762-7
Pop-up Invitation, p.14.
Cutlery Wrap, p, 20.
Rabbit Place Card, p. 22.
Super Bowl, p.28.
Bird of Welcome, p.31.
Tissue Paper Flower, p.33.

Catstep Garland, p.35.
Money Flower Decoration, p.40.
Mask, p.52.
Tiara, p.54.
Winner’s Medal, p.54.
Graduation Hat (Mortar Board), p.56.

Funny Money, Darby Creek Publishing. 2005, ISBN 1-58196-037-9
Heart, p.15.
The Pig, p.26.
Yak-Yak (Action Toy), p.32.
Snake, p.40.

Origami Note Cards, Tuttle Publishing. 2007, ISBN 8-8048-3880-1
Patriotic Card, p.14.
It’s the Cat’s Meow, p.16.
For Mother’s Day, (Shell Card) p.18.
Quickie Note, p.21
It’s a Wrap, p.24
Journal Book, (Variation), p.27.
Heart Card, p. 32.
Hearts and Flowers, p 34.
Merry Christmas (Pine Tree) ,p. 36.
Kwanzaa Kaleidoscope, p.39.
Hanukkah Greeting, (Candle) p.42.

Origami from the Heart, Tuttle Publishing, 2007, ISBN 10-0-8048-3879-8.
“Seal It with a Heart” Valentine, p.13.
Unfold Me! Secret Note, p.15.
Let Our Friendship Grow! p.18.
A Card That’s an Ornament, p.20.
Photo Frame, p.22.
Two Love Birds, p 24.
Mystery Note, p.26.
Flower Power, p.28.
Just for You!, p.30.
Daimond Note, p.33.
Love Knot, p.35
Note with Pockets, p.37
Stand-up or Send-it Valentine, p.39.
Rosette Card, p 41.
Envelope for Any Note, p.47.

Origami Birthday Party, Tuttle Publishing, 2009.
Origami Pandas and Jumping Frogs, Tuttle Publishing, 2009.

Note: A few designs are variations of traditional models or novel uses. A long time ago in a discussion with Alice Grey, one of the founders of OrigamiUSA, she expressed the opinion that they should be listed legitimately.


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