Palm Weaving Simple Cross

This Palm Weaving Simple Cross was on this web site:
But this site is no longer active and we have captured the image and reproduce it here. Please contact us if you are the rightful owner of this diagram and wish for it to be removed. Otherwise, thank you for sharing your talent.


Here are Mike and Anita’s written instructions:

START with a long vertical strip of palm as shown in the upper left drawing.

Step 1 – Make a diagonal fold near the middle of the strip so that the top part
of the strip extends out to the right.

Step 2 – Fold C over B so that the top of strip extends to the left.

Step 3 – Fold C end under B so that top of strip extends to the right again.

Step 4 – Fold A under B and through slot and pull tight (shape looks almost the same but B now has more slots).

Step 5 – Bring A end up and through bottom slot at B and pull half way through and tuck A into top slot at B.

Step 6 – Bring C end over and through right slot at B and pull half way through and tuck C into left slot at B.

CINDY’S NOTES:    In step 4 be sure to pull end A all the way through,
snug and tight but gently. It is this step that creates the flat knot
that has the slots you will use in steps 5 and 6. When you have
completed step 6, push/pull to adjust the limbs of the cross and shape it.

The size of the cross depends on the size of the palm strip that you use.
Example: A palm strip size 13″ long x 1/2 ” wide, will create a cross that is approximately 2 1/2 inches tall.

You can pin the small palm crosses on your lapel. Larger crosses
can hang on the frames of religious pictures, statues, grave stones, etc…

in a place of respect because the palms have been blessed.

This Easter palm craft was taught to me by Anita Visoky of Ohio, USA.

The “palm cross” helps us to remember the sacrifice of the Easter Passion, throughout the year. Please, share this activity with your children as a way of celebrating Palm Sunday and pass on the tradition into the millenium.


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