Origami Enthusiasts:


Origami Enthusiasts are people who love the art of paper folding. Not only do they love origami, they are willing to share their artwork, diagrams and commentaries.

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Albert’s Paper Wonders (Albert Sng)
Alex Bateman’s Origami Page
Anita’s Origami (Anita F. Barbour)

Bits of Smith (John Smith)
Bob’s BillFolds (Bob Nienhuis)
Brown Paper (Saadya Sternberg)
Bruno Ferraz Origami

Carmen’s Origami Site (Carmen Sprung)
Cheng Chit – Origami
Creaselightning (Mark Bolitho)
Creative Creasings (Rosemary Lyndall Wemm)

Daves Origami Emporium (David Petty)
David and Origami (David Derudas)
Dr Stephen
O’Hanlon’s Origami Page

ELFA (Elsje van der Ploeg)
Eric Joisel’s Origami
Eric’s Origami Page (Eric Andersen)

Fold, Unfold (Romie Halabaso)
Fred’s Origami Page (Fred Curtis)
Gary’s Page (Gary Louis)

Gilad’s Origami Page (Gilad Aharoni)
Gorigami (Gregorio Vainberg)
Gregorigami (Grzegorz Bubniak)

Have Paper, Will Travel (Michael Sanders)

In the Fold: Origami Art (Joan Son)
Israeli Origami Center (Paul Jackson, Miri Golan)
itsjustabitofpaper.com (Rikki Donachie)

Jasper’s Origami Menagerie

Jeremy’s Page (Jeremy Shafer)
Jim Plank’s Origami Page
Joel Cooper’s Tessellation Masks (Joel Cooper)
John’s Origami Page (John Marcolina)
Joseph Wu Origami

K’s Origami (Koshiro Hatori)
Krystyna Burczyk’s Origami Page
Kyle’s Origami Page (Kyle Barger)

Leticia’s Origami Page (Leticia Lum)
Lone Folder’s Origami Page (Russell Sutherland)

Maarten van Gelder Origami
Marc Kischenbaum’s Sakura Origami
Melisande’s Galerie
Mette Units (Mette Pederson)
Mizu-randa (Miranda van de Beek)

Nick Robinson

Ordigami (Etienne Cliquet)
Origamania (Frederic Balint)
Origami (Hans Bodlaender)
Origami and Mental Health Therapy (George Ho)
Origami Art Novosti (Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek)
Origami and Paper Arts Page (Maciej Blaszak)
Origamica (Dorothy Engleman)
Origamido Studio (Richard Alexander, Michael LaFosse)
Origami for Everyone (Gerwin Sturm)
Origamigianluca (gianluca fanchini)
Origami Heaven (Dave Mitchell)
Origami Homepage of Matthias Gutfelt
Origami-Kunst (Andreas Bauer)
Origami.me (Peter Saydak)

Origami -MM’s Modular Mania (M Mukhopadhyay)
Origami of Pasquale D’Auria
Origami Peace Tree (Alex and Larisa Levashov)
Origami: Photos and Diagrams (Jens-Helge Dahmen)
Origami Research (Marilyn Abbmackdes)
Origami Spirit (Leyla Torres)
Origami Stuff (Galen Pickett)
Origami – the Japanese Art of Paper Folding (Anne LaVin)
Origami with Rachel Katz

Orihouse (Paula Versnick)
Passion Origami (Nicolas Terry)
Papirolexia Hacer pajaritas, Origami Alfredo Pérez Giménez
Paul Jackson Origami Artist
Peter Budai’s Origami

Romanmdeo’s Photos (Román Diaz)
Romanian Origami Resource (Scripcariu Andreea)
Ronald Koh Facebook

Sajid Khan – Origami
Sarah’s Origami (Sarah Wooden)
Shoko Aoyagi’s Origami World
Star Wars Origami (Philip Schulz)
Star Wars Origami (Chris Alexander)
Steve Hecht – Origami Stuff
Sy Chen

The Geometric Junkyard
(David Eppstein)

The World of Origami (Dino Andreozzi)
Theresa Ford Origami Page
Thoki Yenn – Origami
Tom Hull’s Home Page
TPKong’s Origami Website


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  • These free origami instructions are made available to you by the paper folding community at large. If you have a diagram you would like to share, or if your diagram is listed here and you wish to have it removed, please Contact Us. Diagrams are intended for personal use. Copyright of the models lie with the origami creators and designers. Please contact the designer and/or creator directly for non-private usage of a model and/or artwork.