Snowflakes for All Seasons

by Cindy Higham

snowflakes for All Seasons
Snowflakes for All Seasons by Cindy Higham has 72 cut-out projects. All the projects are like the classic snowflakes: fold, fold, fold and cut, cut, cut. But the results are more than just snowflakes. Represented here are cut-outs related to Easter, Halloween, Christmas, President’s day, and 4th of July.

Projects are all very beautiful and very creative, but they are not easy: a five year old child could not accomplish these with satisfaction, however a 10 year old who is meticulous may be able to complete most of these projects. Some projects are forgiving and it does not matter if follow the instructions loosely. However, some projects required detailed cuts that must be followed in order to get good results.

Toast to the New Year • Hearts in Hearts

Love Birds • Bunnies

Sunshine, Clouds and Lightning • Freedom Stars

Black Cats and Jack-o-Lanterns • Spiders Everywhere

Christmas Trees • Let’s Make a Snowman


Cupid • Pot-o-Gold

Lilies and Baby Chicks • Giant Cactus and Coyotes

Statue of Liberty • Autumn Leaves

Turkey Time • Thanks to the Pilgrims

Lava Flow • Thistle

Consider these useful tips:
~ use thin paper so it is easier to cut,
~ use sharp scissors that obey.

The book has one page of instructions telling you how to fold the paper before cutting. The remainder of the book shows
~ a drawing of how the final project will appear, and
~ a wedge showing you where to cut the paper to get the desired
Aside from the front cover, this book has no photographs.

Conclusion: all in all, I was very impressed at the variety of different themes you can make using this classic kirigami snowflake technique. Hat’s off to Cindy Higham for bringing life to this age old craft. Patterns are very pretty; not suitable for young children but great for adults and older children.


Paper Snowflake Books and Patterns

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  • 100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes: A Magical Menagerie of Kirigami Templates to Copy, Fold, and Cut by Marion T. Nichols
  • Snowflakes for all Seasons: 72 Fold & Cut Paper Snowflakes by Cindy Higham
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