You’re an Origami Addict when….

These origami addict comments were generated by members of the Origami newsgroup
and were compiled by L. Beaudin.

You’re an origami addict when….

  1. You laugh at puns such as: “In the last 7 days Origami Bank has folded”.
  2. You can identify the designer of a diagram just by looking at it.
  3. You have enough square-shaped paper in your home to fill several closets, and then some.
  4. Your idea of a romantic evening is sitting on the couch folding paper while your partner looks on, ignored.
  5. You’re an origami addict when you see crease patterns in your sleep.

  6. You buy page-a-day calendars after the New Year at discount price to have “practice paper” to fold from.
  7. You threw away the tablecloths because they didn’t hold a crease
  8. You’ve been banned from restaurants because you leave every tip in the shape of an Engel dollar bill crab.
  9. You actually think that a chewing-gum-wrapper ring makes a legitimate engagement ring.
  10. You’re genuinely insulted when people say of your models, “But it’s only paper!”

    origami addict
  11. You are an origami addict when your desk/bed/bookcase has disappeared under a mound of models.
  12. You buy a lot of paper reams and you print suspiciously few documents
  13. Your entire family groans when you pull out a pack of paper in a public setting.
  14. You have over $1000 of unopened paper in your basement that you’re “saving for something really neat.”
  15. You keep BUYING paper that will remain unopened in your basement.

    origami addict
  16. You are an origami addict when your kids physically pull you away from paper displays saying, “Repeat after me, ‘I don’t NEED any more paper’.”
  17. You move some paper and books and find a bed underneath.
  18. After you find paper you are willing to write on, you go ahead and write the note, and then fold the paper anyway.
  19. (For the boys) you see a swimsuit calendar and say, “Wow, this is neat paper.”
  20. (For the girls) your jewellery box is starting to be dominated by cranes, dogs, sea horses, etc. Heck, even the box itself looks suspiciously “Fuse-like!”

    origami addict
  21. You haven’t bought a new shirt in five years, but the safe with over $1,000 in neat, crisp singles is off limits!
  22. You cry every time you see a paper shredder.
  23. You have tons of paper and nothing to write on.
  24. Paper means anything that will, or might with some help, hold a crease.
  25. You say that’s not”clutter;” it’s stochastically organized folding materials!

    origami addict
  26. You can’t remember half of the models you know how to fold from memory if you could only remember that you memorized them.
  27. You think there are only two kinds of paper: That which has already been folded, and that which has not yet been folded. A tissue foil model counts as both.
  28. Your wallet is divided into spending and folding bills.
  29. The wrapping paper in the closet is off limits to anyone that wants to wrap a gift.
  30. You are an origami addict when non folders start referring to you as the “origami lady.”

    origami addict
  31. You always keep a stash of “emergency” origami paper on you.
  32. You have carefully packed so everything fits in a carryon bag for a plane flight, then consider checking in so you can bring your scissors.
  33. You refer to your origami book collection as “the reference library.”
  34. You have to join overeaters anonymous because you can’t make it on three squares a day.
  35. They kick you out of donut shops for taking all the wax squares to fold.

    origami addict
  36. Your favourite fast food is the Taco Bell ten taco deal (that comes with ten paper wrappings in perfect squares), and you ask them to double wrap all of them.
  37. At motels your toilet paper looks better when you leave than when you arrived.
  38. You use up all your paper and you get a panic attack.
  39. You join “origami anonymous” so that you can get support for your constant paper folding addiction.
  40. You invent a new origami model, but the same day you see it in a new origami book in the bookstore!

    origami addict
  41. You’re on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere and you forgot to bring your folding paper, so you innovate and use a piece of birch bark.
  42. You can’t jot down a note, because you can’t find a piece of paper you are willing to write on.
  43. You manage to go to sleep with a square piece of paper and wake up to it being folded into a crane.
  44. You confuse your geometry teacher with origami proofs.
  45. Your wall is literally wallpapered with models you didn’t know where to put.

    origami addict
  46. You fall asleep over a half finished model and go on dreaming it
  47. Hours of folding seem like a minute, and anything that disturbs it is like a nuisance.
  48. You choose a chocolate because of the quality of its wrapping
  49. You know you do too much origami when you want to Squash-Fold your wife for bugging you about doing too much origami.
  50. You know you are doing too much origami when the whole top (top down) of your grand piano is covered with origami boxes (fifty plus), not to mention that they are crowding out the large seashells that usually reside there.
    -> It’s not too much until the piano collapses under the weight of origami boxes.

    origami addict
  51. You rush out of something saying “I’ve got to get back to my paperwork”, meaning you know what!
  52. You look hungrily at someone’s candy only to ask for the wrapper.
  53. If you need to reach behind electronic equipment such as TV, VCR, computer, etc., you first have to clear out a stash of origami models.
  54. You buy a flat screen monitor or TV and sigh because you cannot display origami on it.
  55. You have photography equipment that rivals that of most professional photographers.

    origami addict
  56. When you browse origami books and paper online, your toddler exclaims: “looks! That’s mamma’s papers!”
  57. You get a notice that a “package” has arrived at the post-office and you rush over faster than you did when you brought your labouring wife to the hospital
  58. When you spend eight hours folding something ridiculous, but all your friends say “not again!”
  59. When you go to a movie and all you can think of is how to make the main character out of one sheet, no cuts.
  60. You only fold miniature models so that you don’t run out of storage space too soon.

    origami addict
  61. You only fold flat models so that they can be stored inside all your books.
  62. You are an origami addict when you fold the church bulletin, and you are still in church!
  63. You know you do too much origami when most of your incoming Emails starts with Re: [Origami]…
  64. People know you have been the last person who used a library book, because you absent mindedly forget your folded models you used as bookmarks.
  65. Your husband wants you to account for your origami purchases in a divorce settlement.

    origami addict
  66. You are definately an origami addict when you read this list, and at the end you are quite scared that you found that you have nodded and thought “Yeah, that’s right” at nearly every point.

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