Origami Kids Turkey

  1. Place a square piece of paper so that it is like a diamond. Fold in half left to right and unfold.
  2. Fold the top-right edge towards the center midline. Repeat on left side. This gives you a kite shape.


  3. Again, fold the top-right edge towards the center midline. Repeat on left side. This makes the kite-shape skinny and tapered.


  4. Turn the model over. Fold the top point so it meets the bottom point (connect red dots).
  5. Fold the top point back up about a quarter of the way (join the red dots). This segment will become the head of the turkey.
  6. Fold the model in half (fold behind so that the head and neck is visible).


  7. Pull out the neck and the head to form the turkey body.
  8. Fold the tip of the head down to form the wattle (flap of skin under the neck). The turkey body is done.
  9. Prepare the body for the fanned tail: fold the back part of the turkey upon itself.


  10. Cut a small slit about half and inch long.
  11. Unfold the back side of the turkey.
  12. To prepare the tail, get another piece of paper.


  13. Pleat it accordion style.
  14. Stack the pleats tightly and insert it into the slit made in step 10.
  15. Fan open the pleated tail. Use a piece of tape to keep the tail together and upright. Done!


origami kids turkey


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