Fold T-Shirts Origami Style

Don’t be overwhelmed by the laundry.
These instructions will explain how to fold t-shirts in less than 10 seconds.

Fold T-Shirts Instructions

  • Take a t-shirt and lay it down flat on a table. Smooth out the wrinkles.
  • Imagine a line (line A) that divides the shirt in half: the top of the shirt is the same length as the bottom half of the shirt.Imagine a second line (line B) which extends from the shoulder down to the shirt-bottom.
  • Grasp the shirt at the shoulders with your left hand. Grasp the shirt at the middle with your right hand (at the red dots).
  • While still pinching the shirt with your hands, cross the left hand over the right hand and pinch the bottom of the shirt (at black dot).
  • Lift the shirt off the table, shake the shirt a little until the layers fall smoothly.
  • Imagine a line (line C) from the shoulder to the midline.
  • Lay the shirt face down.
  • Fold the shirt face-up allowing it to fold along line C.
  • Smooth out the front of the shirt and you are done!


This method is so easy that you may actually enjoy folding laundry!

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