Credits & Contributors

The contents of this site exists because of contributors from the origami community. It is through their creativity and willingness to share which makes this web site possible. We would like to thank the following people for allowing us to link to their site, for the use their diagrams and/or photos, and for their advice and comments.

Gilad Aharoni (various origami photos)
Peter Ayres (kirigami lampshade photo)
Alex Bateman (tessellation CP image)
Andreas Bauer (patenbriefs photo)
British Origami Society (Miura-ori image)
Philip Chapman-Bell (tessellation photo)

Victor Bruha (bison dung paper photo)
Nicolas Bandoni (unicorn CP photo)

James Blowers (strip folded polyhedra photo)
Peter Callesen (OA photo)
Sy Chen ($origami photo)
Miya Cline (mobile, jewelry photos)
Andrew John Conway (palm weave swordfish)
Joel Cooper (tessellation photos)
Brian Cox (troublewit photo)
Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek ($origami diagram)
Laura CucinaTestaRossa (choco origami photo)
Tine De Ruysser ($origami jewelry photos)
Lar deSouza (ButterflyBall photo)
Deb Pun Discoe (1000 Peace Crane Banner)
Jagoda Djuran (OA photo)
Rikki Donachie
Charles Esseltine (diagrams)
Ken Fan /Connie/ (origami quilt photo)
Gerardo G (various diagrams)
Ilan Garibi (business card photo)
Maria Victoria Garrido (OA photos)
James Garner (Moravian stars photo)
Keith Garner (USA origami flag photo)
Laura Gawne (toilet paper wedding dresses)
J Gee (quilling photos)
Joe Gilardi ($FIT photo)
Bekah Gjerde (kirigami photo)
Eric Gjerde (tessellation photo)
Robin Glynn
Harold J. Graham (origami poems)
Roberto Gretter (calendar stand photo)
Bo Gulledge ($origami diagrams)
Rona Gurkewitz (Origami Quilt photo)
Go Guspath (Dog CP photo)
Jon Hacking (palm weave bird)
Andrew Hans ($origami photos)
Gary Harrison (folding bone photo)
Steve Hetch
George Ho
John Horigan (torus wreath photo)
Gerald Hughes
Ching-Yu Hung
Paul Jackson (diagrams)
Az Jaded (towel photo)
JAXA (SFU images)
JE Jaramillo (troublewit & dress photos)
“Jassu” (star CP photo) (troblewit photos)
Elizabeth Jimerson (paper rack photo)
B.Sue Johnson (stories)
Rachel Katz
Vanessa Ko (strip folded fish photo)
Sachiko Kogure (Christmas tree photo)
Ronald Koh
Robert Lang
Mark Leonard (female torso photo)
Cheng Chit Leong (Cycle of Life, Ring photos)
Kenneth Libbrecht (snowflake photo)
HS Lim (giant cobra photo)
Jorge Lucero (six intersecting squares)

Ryan MacDonell (origami guitar)
Andy Mak (nemo photo)
Francesco Mancini (Christmas Tree photo)
Ann Manubay (palm weave fish photo)
Jonathan Marcoschamer (purse photo)

Herman Mariano (Lang models photos)
Melisande (tessellation photo)
Douglas Marston ($origami diagram)
Christina Michaud (Nori Crane photo)
NASA (hebesphenomegacorona photo)
Michele’s Origami
David Mitchell
Jeannine Mosely (business card photos)
Meenakshi Mukerji (modular photos)
National Diet Library in Japan (noshi photo)
John Neal (Victorian puzzle purse photo)
Rick Nordal (types of origami list)
Windell H. Oskay (Crane Crouton photo)
Francis Ow
Joan Michaels Paque (paper art photo)
Won Park ($Koi diagram, photo)
Dave Petty
Andriy Portyanko (origami rainforest photo)
Nicolas Olivier Prudhon (flower photos)
Cray Randal
Nick Robinson
Vivienne Rogers (vegetable wraps photo)
Ron ($origami diagrams)
Halina Rosciszewska-Narloch (lucky stars photo)
Nancy Rosin (puzzle purse, patenbriefs photos)
Robert Ryan (kirigami dress photo)
Ray Schamp (tessellation photo)
Philip Schulz
Science Club for Girls (Origami Quilt photo)
Glenda Scott (fabric origami photo)
Jeremy Shafer (business card photo)
Alice Simpson (Victorian puzzle purse photo)
Marc Sky ($origami photo)
Roberto Soto (photo of Akira Yoshizawa)
Carmen Sprung (calendar photo)
Nicola Enrico Stäubli (FoldSchool chair photo)
Kreg Steppe (palm weaved crosses photo)
Joel Stern (origami diagrams)
Larry Stevens (business card puppy)
Mark Stocker (flexble love chair photo)
Sugarworks, LLC (Sugar Crane photo)
Lucinda Surber (swan photo)
Russell Sutherland (masks photos)
Eileen Tan
Emerson Taymor (business card photo)
Tavi & Catalina Taviori (OA photos)
Florence Temko (Origami Collection)
Nicolas Terry (Lion CP photo)
Lawrence Toms (sheep poo paper photo)
Leyla Torres (origami photo)
Eric Tremblay & UCSD (Origami Lens image)
Ben Trumbore (Spring into Action photo)
Mio Tsugawa
Jon tucker ($origami diagrams)
Sharon Turvey (origami Christmas tree photo)
Emma Tysoe (origami wedding photos)

Karl Wald (elephant dung paper photo)
Dennis Walker (Last Waltz, photo)
Stephen Watson (L2500 swan, photo)
Susanna Wellenberg (orinuno photo)
Cu Werner (business card photo)
Margaret Wertheim/Institute For Figuring (Menger sponge)
Erica Westcott (FIT photo)
Andy Wilson (tessellation photo)
Michael Woodward (palm weave grasshopper photo)
Young Wyn ($origami diagrams)
Todd Vernon (calendar PDF’s)
Helena Verrill (origami quilt photo)
Gadi Vishne (Omega Star)
Wendsy Whitehead ($diagram)
Ken Zeger (kite photo, calendar pdf)
Florence Temko Origami Collection

The Florence Temko Origami Collection was donated by Florence Temko in March 2007. Photography of the models was made possible by private donors and OrigamiUSA.


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