Dragon by Romie Halabaso


by Romie Halabaso

This origami is folded out of the bird origami base.

Frog by Romie Halabaso


by Romie Halabaso

A simple frog, with rear legs

Turtle by Romie Halabaso


by Romie Halabaso

A relatively easy-to-fold origami using a square art paper. It has a pair of folds inside connected to each other, providing support to the shell of the turtle so it doesn’t collapse.

Triceratops by Abbas Shahrokhi


by Abbas Shahrokhi
(Tehran, Iran)

I folded this model for an exhibition. Model created by Jerry Harris, diagram found here.

A Few Animals by Stanley

A Few Animals

by Stanley
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Mostly bunnies but made a few other animals: lion, penguin, peacock, dinosaurs, giraffe, camel, kangaroo, swans and mouse etc. Get free origami instructions here.

Origami Dragon by Ifrah Mateen

Origami Dragon

by Ifrah Mateen
(Karachi, Pakistan)

This is an origami dragon. The folding near the end is a bit complex. I like to share my photos with everyone. Instructions for more origami dragons here