Origami Simurgh by Reza Sarvi

Origami Simurgh

by Reza Sarvi

Simurgh is the name of a mythical-legendary Iranian figure. He plays an important role in the stories of Shahnameh. Its place is mythical mountain rug. Wise and wise and knows the hidden secrets.
Symphony notation with complex structure; Legendary chicken with peacock tail, eagle body and dog head and milk paws. The symbol of the Simurgh in the Sassanid period has played the role of many cups and dishes and maybe the official symbol of the Persian Empire.
Simurgh is a manifestation of the complete and perfect wisdom that answers all the questions. Although in the Shahnameh it is depicted as a material possession, it has completely supernatural characteristics and attributes.
This model was folded and designed by myself with one uncut square paper.

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