Edible Quilling Cake

Combine delicious cakes with the age-old art of paper quilling to get edible quilling cakes!

Flex Mex

Flex Mex (Tortilla Flexagon) is an amazing lecture in flexahexagons camouflaged as a cooking lesson….

Tessellated Cakes

Ilan Garibi can create origami tessellated cakes by folding Elephant Hide paper into the desired shape…


Gelatin sheets are assembled to appear like an origami crane. Add food coloring & flavor to spice it up.

Crane Wedding Cake

Merci Beaucoup Cakes made a fabulous origami wedding cake featuring a crane on top of a two-tier cake…

Icing Sugar Origami

Fondant icing is rolled into sheets, the sheets are folded into mini origami models and then used as cake decorations.

Nori Origami

Origami crane and shirt made with dried sheets of seaweed. Fun to make and delicious to eat…

Origami Foods Veggie Wraps

Thin sheets of vegetables and fruits that can be used as food wraps. These wraps are made by Origami Food LLC..

Crane Croutons

You can make crane croutons using won ton wrappers. Developed by the Evil Mad Scientists Laboratory

Sugar Cranes

Origami sugar cranes can be made in bride & groom style and placed on top of wedding cakes. Sugar butterflies…

Chocolate Origami

Salon du Chocolat: chocolate is molded into an origami mouse, a chocolate samurai helmet, and a chocolate bird…