Origami Insignia Ring

Origami insignia Rings

Origami Insignia Ring

  1. Start with a strip of duo-color paper that is about 1″ x 4″. Valley fold in half crosswise. Unfold.
  2. Fold the bottom right edge towards the midline, unfold. Repeat with left side.
  3. Fold the top right edge towards the midline, unfold. Repeat with left side.
  4. Mountain fold crosswise at the place where the creases intersect.
  5. Bring the right side towards the left. Allow the paper to fold along the pre-creases. The paper should rise towards you at the • The fold is similar to a waterbomb base.
  6. Fold the bottom and top edges towards the middle. This forms an arm which will become the band of the ring.
  7. Valley fold the entire arm back to the right.
  8. Repeat with the left side. (Hint: to facilitate the next step, make one arm slightly larger than the other.)
  9. Bring the left and right arms together and tuck one into the other.
  10. Adjust the ring to size and press the insignia region to re-enforce the folds. Done.
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