Classroom Crane Project

Bianca’s Classroom Crane Project

As teachers, it is our job to teach students about the world both past and present. The most incredible moments are when books teach us more than we thought. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes did just that. Not only did we learn about the effects of WW2 and the Atom Bomb, but my 6th grade class learned how to work as a team and became a community.

Together, we set a goal to try to make a thousand paper cranes.
Sadako’s story touched many of us, which seemed to give my classroom the determination and passion to complete this challenge. Day after day, paper cranes were flooding my desk. Within three days, they had made 300 cranes. Some would go home and make
hundreds to bring to class. Others would make some in secret under their desk or come in early to make some before class. My students were excited and passionate about reaching 1000 paper cranes. Excitement grew as we changed the number of cranes on the
board everyday. I sewed each crane and hung them all from the ceiling, which was a beautiful sight to

As time went on, many worried we would not reach our goal, because we
had to finish the paper cranes in time for my last day as their student teacher. As
we grew closer to a thousand, my students persevered and didn’t give up. Classwork
faded in the background as students saw the number on the board: 989. One after
another, paper cranes were being made in what seemed to be an assembly line. The excitement was contagious as students ran from their seats to change the number on the board. Everyone was cheering in the class! The last person rushed to the blackboard, paper crane in hand, and changed the number to 1000!! We all exploded with excitement, and I could not have felt more proud.

Our cheering was so loud that our other class ran into the room, and
other teachers came to see what all the commotion was about. In all, I am proud
thatwe were able to help Sadako’s memory live on in our classroom, because it was
an incredible experience that brought us all closer. Her legacy inspired not
only my students, but me as well.

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classroom crane project
classroom crane project
classroom crane project
classroom crane project
classroom crane project
classroom crane project
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