Your Origami Photos – Vehicles

Your Origami Photos (Vehicles)

Origami Photos Submitted by You

Red Baron Tri-Wing Plane by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) This was a pretty big project...over 1,200 triangular pieces. The body Read more
Tank by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Read more
F-18 Hornet Fighter Jet Plane by Farshid Sobhani (Iran-Tehran) F-18 Hornet fighter jet plane Fold by farshid sobhani with one Read more
High Tech Paper Plane 2 by Stan Soroken (Salinas, California, USA) One more of my paper airplane designs. Read more
T-39 Paper Plane by Stanley S (USA) Read more
Winged Boat by Alexander (Canada) This is a winged boat that I designed for a high school project. 5 stars Read more
Jet Paper Airplane by Stan Soroken (Salinas, CA USA) A few more of my paper airplane designs. Read more
Fire Truck with Movable Parts by Charles "Doc" Santee ((near) Chicago, IL) Origami Fire Truck Folded from many rectangles of Read more
The F118 Jet by Jeremiah (Virginia) This paper plane took some time to make but came out great Read more
Barco à vela - Sailboat by Nuno Silva (Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Açores) Uma barco à vela... e flutua posso Read more
Caça F-22 raptor Fighter by Nuno Silva (Ribeira Grande, Açores, Portugal) Esse é um F-22 raptor, um dos melhores caças Read more
Moto de Água - A Water Bike by Nuno Silva (Ribeira Grande, Açores, Portugal) Uma moto de água feita a Read more
My Mini-Jet Paper Airplane by Stan Soroken (Salinas, California) This paper airplane measures nose to tail 5.5 inches and has Read more
Paper Plane 2 by Stan Soroken (Salinas, California) I would like to collaborate with someone knowledgeable in diagramming origami for Read more
New Design Paper Plane by Stan Soroken (Salinas, California, USA) The photo is of one of my new design paper Read more
Boat by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This boat model begins with a preliminary base. Read more
Airplane Model 2 by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This is another airplane model folded out of a 50-peso Philippine money bill. Read more
Airplane by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This model was folded from a Philippine money bill, particularly a 100-peso bill. Read more
F-Zero Blue Falcon by Thomas Leung-Tack (Canada) It's the famous Blue Falcon in the video game series F-Zero. I folded Read more
F-22 Raptor by Thomas Leung-Tack (Canada) I folded this model by the origami tanteidan convention 13 Enjoy it! Read more
Space Ship by Abbas Shahrokhi (Tehran, Iran) Space Ship made with simple triangular units. See more about this type of Read more
Origami X-Wing by Ifrah Mateen (Karachi, Pakistan) I made this origami X-wing the day after an exam. Folding its wings Read more
Indian Currency Bike Dollar Bill Origami by Noman M A Haji (Chennai) A motor bike very cutely designed and folded Read more
Tron Legacy Light Cycle by Thomas Leung-Tack (Canada) I made this model for the movie Tron Legacy. I invented the Read more


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