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Robin Star by Govind Kulkarni (Hyderabad, Telangana State, India) This is designed by Maria Sinayajaya Read more
Origami Pentagonal Spinning Star by Masoudhosseini (Tehran, Iran) origami pentagonal spinning star designed by: Masoud Hosseini on December,2017 diagrammed by: Read more
Star Ball by Franck Ramaharo (Antananarivo, Madagascar) Star Ball designed by Tomoko Fuse made from 30 units of A4 paper. Read more
Octogonal Star Variation by Hideo Kumayama (São Bernardo do Campo-SP-Brasil) Inspiration (Extra Twinkles) Fuse's Star Read more
Decagonal Star I by Hideo Kumayama (São Bernardo do Campo-SP- Brasil) Modular Decagonal Star Read more
Decagonal Star (back) by Kumayama, Hideo (São Bernardo do Campo - Brasil) back decagonal Star Read more
Decagonal Star by Kumayama, Hideo (São Bernardo do Campo - Brasil) Modular decagonal star Read more
Stars by Krystyna Burczyk by Krystyna Burczyk (Krakow, Poland) It's my own work made of 24 modules (June 24th 2012) Read more
Estrela Cadente / Shooting Star by Nuno Silva (Ribeira Grande, Açores, Portugal) Outro modelo que criei a partir de um Read more
8 Point Star by A Shahrokhi (Teh, Iran) Designed with 8 rectangular sheets. Read more
Star by Philo Dachi (Jakarta, Indonesia) Easy star made by unfolding a frog base Read more
Jar of Stars-RW&B by Don () After learning about the Wishing Star model, I emptied a plastic peanut butter jar Read more
Star by Abbas Shahrokhi (Iran) Been designing this model with 4 sheet of paper. Read more
Shuriken Origami by Yones (Persia) I created this ninja star with 4 triangular sheet of paper from a4 rectangle paper. Read more
Eight-Pointed Star by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This origami is done by flattening the traditional star box and making some adjustments. Read more
Peace Star by Abbaas Shahrokhi (Tehran, Iran) I have been designing this star with six square sheets of paper for Read more
Star by Abbaas Shahrokhi (Tehran, Iran) I made this model of a star. This unit origami was designed by Winson Read more
Star Box by Evi Binzinger (Muenster/Germany) Star Box created and folded by Evi Binzinger from a single square piece of Read more
Saar Stars from Pentagons by Kathy Knapp (Peoria, Illinois, USA) Large Saar Star is from tissue foil. Small one from Read more
Bast Star by Charles Bast (Milwaukee WI USA) Original origami star created by Charles Bast using a dollar bill no Read more
2010 Origami Calendars By: Ksenia, Moscow, Russia Made these great origami calendars for 2010! Star Calendar, Pentagonal Calendar, and Dodecahedron Read more


    Books with Origami Stars

    • Galaxy of Origami Stars: 37 Original Stellar Designs by John Montroll
    • Origami Stars by John Montroll
    • Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Stars: 75 Exquisite Paper Designs to Fold, Cut, and Curl by Brodek & Voigt
    • Snowflakes, Sunbursts, and Stars: 75 Exquisite Paper Designs to Fold, Cut, and Curl Hardcover by Ayako Brodek
    • Color, Cut, and Fold Christmas Ornaments: 30 Easy, Creative Projects for the Holidays by Amanda Brack


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