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Your Origami Photos (Characters)

Origami Photos Submitted by You

Mermaid by Jeramy (Neptune) 3500 pieces of .5 inch by .25 inch (1.27 cm X 0.635 cm) pieces of paper Read more
Mudkip Pokemon by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) First try at it...came out to be pretty good. Next time I'll make Read more
Big Torchic Pokemon by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Did a few 1/32 size Torchic Pokemons...this one is using 1/8 size Read more
Big Pikachu Pokemon by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Use 1/16 size paper to make the big Pikachu Pokemon. Big, teenager Read more
Origami - Wingull - Pokemon by Emanuel Lucho (Veracrz, Mexico) I made this little guy, one pokemon bird. Read more
Charizard Pokemon by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Took me over 6 hours to assemble and glue Charizard...used 710 triangular pieces. Read more
Pokemon Kids by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Made some small versions of some 3D Pokemon characters. Used beads for the Read more
Piplup Pokemon and 2 Small Owls by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Piplup Pokemon used over 800 triangular pieces...I really like Read more
Roselia and Pichu Pokemons by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Making the little roses for Roselia was almost harder than making Read more
Togepi and Torchic Pokemon by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) On a Pokemon 5th and 6th project; Togepi and Torchic. Read more
Pokemon Characters by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Pikachu, Cleffa, PokeEgg, and Marill. Read more
3D Origami Minion by Giulia (Oregon, US) Recently i made this 3D origami minion and posted a tutorial on youtube Read more
Master Yoda by Egor (Chicago IL) Master Yoda Green =)) I like this model) Read more
Kids on a Seesaw by Devon H. (USA) An original model that I designed based on the discovery that I Read more
Deadalus and Icarus's Flight by Joseph Benton (Aliquippa PA USA) Hope you like them. Took me almost forever. Read more
Homem Cartaz / Man Sandwich Board by Nuno Silva (Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal) Esse é um outro modelo Read more
Mermaid by Romie (Philippines) This is the latest of my original origami creations which you can all see in my Read more
Lady in Gown by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This is a simple representation of a female human figure -- a lady Read more
Angel with Hood by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) Visit my origami blog at Read more
Modular Doll by A. Shahrokhi (Iran) Read more
Snoopy by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) I call this dog model 'Snoopy' because it resembles the popular black-eared dog from George Read more
Kamizumo by Thomas Leung-Tack (Canada) The kamizumo is a traditional Japanese game who made its first appearance at the Edo Read more
Angel by Yones (Rersia) I folded this angle from one sheet of soft paper. Created and designed by Neal Elias Read more
Boy and Girl by Abbas Shahrokhi (Iran) I folded these models in October, 2008 using small triangular units. Read about Read more
Robot by Thomas (Canada) It's a robot designed by Norio Torimoto. I designed the pincer and the sword. Read more


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