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Your Origami Photos (Bugs)

Origami Photos Submitted by You

Better images of Cicada Nymph by Toast Boy (Alpharetta, Ga) Better images of my Cicada Nymph model Read more
Cicada Nymph by Toast Girl (Alpharetta Ga) Made with half a square Read more
Big Scorpion by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Used 1/16 size paper for this model. I put bend plastic films (Plastic Read more
Big and Small 3D Butterflies by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) The big ones are made with 1/32 size paper and Read more
Money Butterfly by Hong Tam (Saigon) Read more
Two 1/64th size Butterflies by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) The 1/32th paper butterflies were huge...slightly bigger than my palm, so Read more
Tarantula by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Used 1/64th size paper and it still came out big. The Green Scorpion used Read more
Twin Butterflies by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Added a few more triangular pieces to the extras and made two butterflies. Read more
Green Scorpion by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) The creep crawler is over 6" long. Read more
Flowers, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Lucky Stars and a Cat. Oh my. by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Bouquet of flowers in 200 Read more
3D Dragonflies by ophia & Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) 7 year old Sophia and uncle Stanley made 20 3D Dragonflies Read more
Butterfly Jasmine - White Ginger by Delores Humphrey (Corbin, Ky.) Inspired by my niece (due in Dec.) Her father is Read more
Scorpion by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) For this simple box pleated scorpion model, I used one whole sheet of rectangular colored Read more
Black Spider by Le Anh Tu (HCM City) Read more
Dragonfly by Romie (Philippines) I hope you like this. Visit my origami blog at Read more
Alien Bug by unknown ( ) The origami alien bug that I created. I made it by playing with the Read more
Spider by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This model was folded using the technique of box pleating. It's based on an 18 Read more
Samurai Helmet Beetle by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This model is folded starting with a waterbomb base. You can also find Read more
Stag Beetle by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) I hope you like it. To view more of my original origami creations, visit Read more
Samurai Helmet Beetle (V.2A) by Yiyang (Singapore) I designed this Samurai Helmet Beetle. It is folded from one piece of Read more
Butterfly by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This butterfly model is folded using a thin rectangular paper with the two sides having Read more
Paper Bill Origami Butterfly with Big Wings by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This is my second model of a paper bill Read more
Origami Stylized Butterfly by Evi Binzinger (Germany) Read more
Butterfly by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) I made this paper money origami butterfly, while waiting for the ordered dinner meal in Read more
Flies by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) These small fly models are folded starting with the waterbomb base. Read more


    Books with Origami Insects

    • Origami Bugs (Hardcover) by Marc Kirschenbaum
    • Bugs in Origami by John Montroll
    • Dollar Bug-Gami by Won Park
    • Origami Masters Bugs: How the Bug Wars Changed the Art of Origami (Hardcover) by J Ku, S Arellano, W Park
    • Origami Bugs (Amazing Origami) by Ms Catherine Ard


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