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Bianca's Classroom Crane Project As teachers, it is our job to teach students about the world both past and present. Read more
5 Feather Peacock by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Hard to describe this 3D have three tail feathers but have Read more
Big 3D Swans by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Used 1/8 size paper for these swans...they're huge, as big as a Read more
Big Owls by Stanley () Made four of them, all with 1/8th size paper/triangles....and card stock paper as regular paper Read more
Canada 150th Anniversary Big and Small Spread-Wings Swans by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Made a bunch of the small spread-wings Read more
Canada 150th Anniversary Swans by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Made a couple of Red and White swans to celebrate Canada's Read more
Origami Ostrich by Farshid Sobhani (Tehran, Iran) this is origami Ostrich folded with square paper 40 gms folded by farshid Read more
Origami Right Triangle Bird by Reza Sarvi (Iran-Shiraz) I folded and designed this pattern by myself. It's made by one Read more
Golden Venture Swans with Spiral Design by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Both have open wings with spiral designs. The orange-green Read more
12 Days of Christmas by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Made 11 swans to add to my first swan over the Read more
Origami Japanese Peacock by Shabbir Bandukwala (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan) One paper origami peacock publish in Japanese origami magazine Read more
Cranes by Arnav Bhanwala (Cleveland, Ohio,USA) This is my creations .I love making Origami. Read more
3D Small Swan by Sophia & Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) My 6 1/2 year old niece Sophia's first 3D model...a Read more
3D Peacock with 3 Tail Feathers by Stanley (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) Third 3D project. Had to throw away the first Read more
Purple Swan (3D Origami) by Origami Nation () You can find more models on youtube: or facebook: Read more
Black Swan by Origami Nation () You can find more models on youtube: or facebook: Read more
Swan by Origami Nation () You can find more models on youtube: or facebook: Read more
Lovely Art by Shiela Pormilos (Iloilo, Philippines) I used to buy books to learn & sometimes only imaginations Read more
Swallows by Romie (Philippines) I came up with these simple origami swallows by doodling with the waterbomb base. The tails Read more
Crane Hat by Brenda (Dallas) This hat was originally created for Cinco da Mayo with tiny paper cranes surrounding the Read more
3D Peacock by Deepika Pratap (Santa Clara, CA, US) Origami 3D peacock Read more
Quilling by Maria (oklahoma) I begin to quill with some friends That I lot contact for many years Just recent Read more
Lovebirds Box by Romie (Philippines) I made this model starting from a waterbomb base. To see more of my original Read more
Senbazuru Ring by Stephanie K (Oregon, USA) I folded all 1,000 cranes over the course of four days, and later Read more
My First 3D Swan Origami by Elaine Cruz (Doha, Qatar) I would like to thank the maker of this website. Read more
Águia - Eagle by Nuno Silva (Ribeira Grande, São Miguel - Açores, Portugal) Mais uma de minha autoria, criada a Read more
3D Swan by Eun-Soo Jeon (United Kingdom) visit my page for more 3D origami 🙂 comment, favourite and share Read more
Abstract Bird by Kathy Knapp (Peoria, IL, USA) Found in Foilrigami, by Mark J. Medvene, 1969 Read more
Águia/Fénix , Eagle/Pheonix by Nuno Silva (Ribeira Grande, Açores, Portugal) Criei esse modelo tendo como inspiração o origami de Mario Read more
Origami Swans by Sunitha K (India) paper art. See my blog: Read more
Paper Peacock by Mithra (India) This was done by Mithra, with the help of Tissue paper, color and gum Read more
1st Modular Swan by Wendy (Montreal) My first attempt at a modular model. Enjoy. Read more
Rainbow of Love by BJ (Gaithersburg, MD) This hanging design was given to someone who is ill as a present. Read more
Mandarin Duck by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This model is folded starting with a blitzed waterbomb base. Read more
Flapping Crane by R.S. (USA) Read more
Parrot by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This parrot model is folded beginning with the Japanese or third-fold pinwheel. Read more
Owl by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This is a very simple owl model. I folded this starting with a preliminary base. Read more
Easy Dove by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This is an easy dove origami. It is completed in less than 12 folds.Looks Read more
Toucan Bird by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This is a variation of the traditional origami bird. Read more
Paper Bill Dove by Unknown () This dove model, which is small, is folded from a Philippine 20-peso bill. Read more
The Yellow Bird by Thomas Leung-Tack (Canada) I folded this model by the Works of Satoshi Kamiya book. This is Read more
Hummingbird by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) A simple model of a hummingbird. How to fold the head was very challenging. The Read more
Bird on a Mat by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This model is folded from a single sheet of square paper, starting Read more
Flying Goose by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This very simple and easy origami is folded out of a small square office Read more
Golden Venture Swan by Ellen (Salisbury) This was my first attempt at Golden Venture folding and I am reasonably impressed. Read more
Crane Box by Romie Halabaso (Philippines) This is a simple variation of the traditional star box. Read more
Stephen's Owl by Stephen Watson (Leyland, Lancashire UK) 535 venture folded units are used in this model. Unlike most venture Read more
Fire Bird by Ifrah Mateen (Karachi, Pakistan) It is paper graphic type of quilling art. See quilling instructions here Read more
Mini Crane by Adam Beardall (United States, Co) This is a traditional crane that I folded, it is about a Read more


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