Work in Progress II

Outside the United Nations headquarters in New York, Swiss-French artist Guillaume Legros created an ephemeral-fresco

The Wind Portal

is a 8-feet tall art installation with 5000 paper windmills. The windmills are attached to pipes which have wind…

Flights of Fold

is a 3000-pound stainless steel structure featuring an origami-paper-crane adjacent to a realistic-looking-crane…

Hero’s Horse

Giant origami pegasus by Kevin Box and Robert Lang in Dallas, Texas

Mosely Snowflake Sponge

was made with 49,000 business cards and it represents a 3D fractal. This was a 7-month long, campus-wide project…

Giant Steel Rabbit

David Shall’s origami rabbit recreated in steel and displayed near a highway exit in County Meath, Ireland

Sculpture by the Sea

Art installation, “Lifeboat”, featured 1697 waxed-paper origami boats trailing down a hillside.

Origami in Coachella

A huge crane was constructed in the desert for the annual, 3-day Coachella Music and Art Festivalm 2010

Déplié International

Etienne Cliquet created a giant crease pattern of a self-closing origami box painted onto a lawn in Paris…

Painted Ponies

Origami-inspired bronze-cast ponies presented in parks and gardens in California and Colorado…

Largest Paper Cranes

Largest paper crane in USA: over 215 feet wide, and approximately 1750 pounds. Seattle, WA, November 1999…